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GH Previews: Week of April 25


Luke has hit rock bottom and the Spencers decide it’s time for an intervention.


At another low, a self-destructive Luke arrives at Jason’s penthouse to find Sam. Luke intentionally rants about Jason to provoke the hitman to come after him. Luke waits in his office at the Haunted Star with an empty gun in the hopes that Jason will show up and shoot him, but instead Sonny stops by. Sonny struggles to talk Luke down from his metaphorical ledge as Sam updates Lucky on Luke’s collision course with Jason. As a result of Luke’s reckless behavior, Lucky asks Nikolas to help him stage an intervention while Luke makes plans of his own. Luke, ready to leave Port Charles in his wake, visits Elizabeth and Siobhan to tie up loose ends. Meanwhile, Tracy discovers Luke is on the run and with no intentions of coming back.

Lulu, Nikolas and Ethan are reluctant to participate in an intervention, but Lucky and Tracy manage to rally the Spencer family together. Kristina supports Ethan as he struggles with his father’s alcoholism. Lucky cold-cocks Luke! The Spencers, Nikolas, Sonny, Carly and Steve encircle Luke in a surprise intervention for his alcohol addiction. Through individual letters, flashbacks and loving pleas, they ask Luke to choose rehab or else live suffer the consequence of losing everyone in his life.


Maxie tries to set Elizabeth up, but Liz and Lucky share a heartfelt moment. Michael is white hot with anger when Abby is arrested for Brandon’s murder. Jason tells Sam his doubts about being a good father and role model. Dante stops Ronnie from using Michael’s false confession. Robin advises Brenda to get a DNA test to put to rest any doubts Sonny may have about Lucian.

Sonny asks Abby to break things off with Michael while she is under investigation. Anthony plots against Michael, Abby and Sonny. Anthony gets an eyeful of Lisa. Port Charles new voice of reason, Maxie Jones, questions Jason and Sam’s timing on having a baby so soon after Jake’s death. Sonny gives Michael an ultimatum regarding Abby. Lisa drugs Kristina on date night for Robin & Patrick.


Michael makes a false confession after punching his brother on Monday, April 25th.

Elizabeth and Maxie unearth Liz’s motivations for keeping the secret on Tuesday, April 26th.

Assuming Emma is safe with Kristina, Robin and Patrick make big date night plans on Wednesday, April 27th.

Luke Spencer faces a family intervention on Thursday, April 28th.

Brenda and Robin turn their back on Lucian for a second – and he disappears on Friday, April 29th.


Brenda accuses Sonny of not giving a damn about her son. Lucian’s identity is revealed. Luke seeks counsel. Siobhan takes Lucky to a cabin for a romantic trip. Elizabeth is haunted by visions of Jake. Sam checks in to the hospital for the fertility procedure. Ethan invites Luke to a friendly drink. Elizabeth races to stop Lucky & Siobhan’s wedding with news of Aiden’s true paternity.

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