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OLTL Previews: Week of April 25


John tries to uncover what Marty is hiding, Cutter shows his dark side, and Viki’s battle to gain control is challenged.


Niki goes to see Echo just for the fun of making her squirm. Echo tries to get the incriminating tape from Niki just as Charlie walks in. Niki escapes and Echo is left sweating bullets over the damage that tape can do to her relationship with Charlie. Tess reveals to Ford how she made Niki emerge. As Joey and Natalie visit a sedated Clint, Natalie reveals her encounter with Tess and and suspiciously Niki-like Viki. The brother and sister speculate that Niki may really be back, and confront Tess and Ford. Joey and Natalie want to know if Niki is back, and Tess and Ford want to keep her return secret at least until the custody battle is over. Niki takes the witness stand and announces she’s not going to pursue custody of Ryder, while internally Viki and Jean struggle for dominance. Jean momentarily gains control and seemingly advocates for Viki to gain custody, but the effort fails and Viki passes out from the strain. Natalie and Joey summon Viki back, extolling her strength and will to survive and how important she is to them. Tess and Ford celebrate their success until the judge declares them unfit parents as well, and Aubrey convinces the judge to allow her and Joey to take custody of Ryder.

Natalie wants to know why Marty is still carrying around Liam’s paternity test. When Marty beats around the bush, Natalie tears the page from her and rips it up destroying the evidence that John is Liam’s father. But never fear. Gigi is in possession of the tape of Marty’s session with her therapist in which she admits she switched Liam’s test results. Meanwhile, John has an exploratory visit with Dr. Bulghari about Marty, but when the doctor doesn’t reveal what she knows, John comes up with another plan to learn what Marty’s up to. Kelly is preparing dinner for John when he shows up to cancel, explaining he’s going out with Marty to try and figure out what is going on. Marty is eagerly anticipating her evening with John when Dr. Bulghari pays her a visit and urges her to tell John the truth. John interrupts the argument between Marty and the doctor. Marty dodges the bullet by telling John that the doctor accused her of stealing her session tape. After Dr. Bulghari leaves, John leads Marty on until she lays a kiss on him.


Cutter reveals his dark side when blackmails Dorian into keeping quiet about his scam with Aubrey, and even more so when he suggests that he and Aubrey help Clint’s heart condition along . . . to an early death. Deanna tells James her father forced her to break things off with him. Blair looks forward to her date with Tomas. Tomas doesn’t reveal anything about himself in spite of Blair’s prodding, and they do share a kiss. Rex confesses that he was behind Jack’s beating.


Natalie confronts Marty about why Marty’s carrying around Liam’s paternity test results. Marty’s cryptic, so Natalie snatches the records from Marty’s bag on Monday, April 25.

Cutter suggests that he and Aubrey have been presented with a solution to one of their problems: Why not help Clint (defenseless after his heart attack) into an early grave? on Tuesday, April 26.

Erika Slezak 40th Anniversary Episode: In the midst of Ryder’s custody battle, Viki, Niki and Jean fight for control on Wednesday, April 27.

Gigi and Rex prepare to listen to the tape, unaware that it isn’t Shane’s recording, but Marty’s, on which Marty confesses to having switched Liam’s paternity records on Thursday, April 28.

John plays along with Marty on their “date,” trying to find out what she’s hiding. She admits she has a confession to make, but before she tells him, she kisses him on Friday, April 29.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of May 2.

Todd awakens, Marty tries to seduce John, Todd receives a mysterious phone call, and Tess gets married . . . again!

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