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Y&R Previews: Week of April 25 & May Sweeps Spoilers


The truth about Lucy’s origin is finally revealed. Jack hits the sheets with an ex after learning of Phyllis night of passion with Nicholas.


Phyllis tells Jack about her night with Nick. The truth about Lucy’s origin will finally be revealed. Jana puts Billy’s children in danger. Kevin attempts to rescue Delia and Lucy. Daniel gets a verbal whipping from Abby. Diane hits the sheets with Jack. Sofia attempts to keep Neil in the dark. Abby issues Ashley a warning about Tucker. Devon starts to wonder if there is more than friendship between Lily and Daniel


Monday – Delia and Lucy go missing. Daniel receives his test results. Jack refuses to give Phyllis a second chance.

Tuesday – Jana wants a new life with Kevin. Daniel confesses to Abby. Chloe lashes out at Billy and Victoria.

Wednesday – Billy comes clean to Victoria. Abby questions Daniel’s loyalty. Jana holds Kevin hostage.

Thursday – Victoria is suspicious of Phyllis’ motives. Kevin sends a secret message. Phyllis and Lauren corner Daniel.

Friday – Sharon makes a new friend. A letter brings pain to Nick and Noah. Spencer questions the cause of Sharon’s death.


Victor and Nikki will continue to have an affair. Victor will choose Nikki but Diane won’t give up on Mr. Mumbles or his money.

Sharon’s “death” will be ruled a suicide. Nick and Adam will partner up to disprove the ruling. Sharon will settle in at the farm while getting closer to Sam. Sharon’s criminal past will catch up to her.

Cane’s mother shows up in GC hell bent on revenge. Lily will continue to have secret meetings with “Cane”.

Phyllis will go for custody when Lucy’s illegal adoption is revealed. Lauren will not be happy when Michael agrees to represent Phyllis. Victor will get involved of course. Daniel will be at war with his mother as well.

Abby goes on a mission to stop Ashley from marrying Tucker. Abby will go to extreme lengths which will have dire consequences.

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