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AMC Previews: Week of April 25


Kendall is determined to ensnare Ricky, and Griffin returns.


A worried Ryan shows up at Kendall’s when he realizes Ricky is there. Later at Confusion, Ricky confesses his feelings to Kendall, and she plays along. Griffin shows up at Kendall’s and admits he couldn’t leave her in Ricky’s clutches. Griffin pulls out a tranquilizer and shows Kendall how to use it. Kendall admits to Ryan that Griffin is still in town and they all meet at a safehouse where Kendall reveals her plan to entrap Ricky. Greenlee and Ryan realize they were married by a murderer, and Ryan plans to check Ricky’s credentials. A self defense lesson with Griffin and Kendall gets close, but a call from Ricky asking to see Kendall right away breaks the tension. When she sees Ricky, Kendall tells him that she and Zach were living a lie and had begun falling out of love and that carrying the deception beyond his death had been a strain. Griffin is keeping an eye on Kendall and Ricky, and is almost caught when he steps on a twig. Later Griffin admits his jealousy over Kendall and Ricky’s kiss.

Greenlee finds a folder on Madison’s computer titled “Daddy’s Memories”, and Madison explains it’s for Ryan. Madison worries that her daughter will feel about her the way Emma does about Greenlee, but Scott reassures her that her baby will be with her mother, who everyone loves. Meanwhile JR pulls out all the stops to get back with Marissa and tries to set up a double date for him, Marissa, Bianca and someone he wants to set Bianca up with. Marissa agrees to the double date for Bianca’s sake. When JR is called away, “Louise” suggests maybe the date is a mistake because she can tell Bianca has feelings for someone else. Bianca is affected by her feelings for Marissa and backs out of going to the play.


Jake gets flustered when he learns Cara and Tad were in bed together. Cara resigns from the hospital to protect Jake and Tad. Amanda detects that Jake has some regrets about Cara, and decides to fix things by tossing her birth control. Kendall tells Cara and Tad that Griffin asked her to pass along the message that he joined a renegade band of doctors in Afghanistan. Cara feels the sense of loss deeply. Tad and his girls reassure Cara that she hasn’t lost her family. Krystal misunderstands Jackson’s actions and almost quits in embarrassment. Erica suspects her captor is Krystal. Asher admits to Caleb that he hacked into Bianca’s email account, and when Caleb apologizes to Bianca, she gets an idea of how to put Caleb’s skills to good use.


JR continues his hardest to get back with Marissa. Unhappy over her friendship with Scott, JR tries to throw his cousin under the bus over his living with Madison on Monday, April 25.

Jake’s a bit rattled when he finds out that Cara and Tad were in bed together on Tuesday, April 26.

Erica tries to grab hold of the disembodied voice but is unsuccessful. When her captor serves her something to eat she recognizes it’s from Krystal’s on Wednesday, April 27.

Griffin teaches Kendall how to defend herself and in doing so they wind up exceptionally close on Thursday, April 28.

Asher makes the mistake of telling Caleb that he hacked into Kendall and Bianca’s email accounts and found that Erica had sent them an email. Angry at his son, Caleb goes straight to Bianca and apologizes on Friday, April 22.


Angie offers Amanda some really good advice, Scott and Madison make love, David taunts Greenlee about Ryan.

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