DAYS Previews: Week of April 25

Taylor and EJ’s affair is exposed and Nicole is out for revenge! Impostor Rafe finds Theo and Ciara; Melanie isn’t pleased when she learns Chloe is living with Maggie.


Tamara Braun takes over the role of Taylor Walker.

Monday – Theo and Ciara meet a runaway named Leah; Dario finds impostor Rafe with Alicia at the loft; Victor learns that Chloe is living with Maggie; Victor apologizes to Melanie for the way Philip hurt her.

Tuesday – Victor thanks Maggie for helping him and Brady reconcile; Maggie and Melanie argue about Chloe; EJ informs Stefano that he plans to divorce Nicole; impostor Rafe finds Ciara and Theo by the side of the road; Nicole overhears Vivian and Gus on the pier.

Wednesday – Chad accepts the DiMera summer job from Stefano; EJ tells Taylor he plans to divorce Nicole; Bo asks impostor Rafe how he found the children; Nicole shares with Chloe her theory about EJ and Stefano holding Rafe captive in the DiMera basement.

Thursday – Nicole walks in on EJ and Taylor kissing; Carly wonders if Daniel is the solution to her problems; Dario decides to stay in town; Jennifer shocks Daniel by admitting she has feelings for him; Chloe receives her final divorce papers.

Friday – Theo freezes up when he sees impostor Rafe; Daniel asks out Jennifer; Nicole confides in Chloe and declares she wants revenge on her husband and sister; Sami greets impostor Rafe with a hero’s welcome; Jennifer spies Abigail checking out Jack’s blog.