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OLTL Previews: Week of May 2


Todd awakens! Todd’s reaction to Jack’s bullying of Shane is unexpected.


Todd awakens and reunites with Tea, Dani and Starr. Blair and Tomas almost make love at Capricorn but Blair receives news that Todd is conscious and they rush to the hospital. While Blair is with Todd, Tomas calls Calmar with the news that Todd is alert. Blair is in the hallway with Tomas and Shawn when Todd tells Tea he remembers the shooting, including seeing Tomas in the window from which the shots were fired. Tomas denies shooting Todd. John arrives but has no grounds to arrest Todd, until Natalie calls and tells him she found Tomas’s fingerprints on the syringe found in Todd’s room. John places Tomas under arrest for attempted murder. Todd offers to get rid of Deanna for Starr, but Starr declines his assistance. Todd receives a mysterious phone call. Tea represents Tomas when John interrogates him. When John reveals the existence of Tomas’s confidential CIA report, Tea’s faith in her brother is shaken. Todd learns about Jack’s bullying of Shane, and really lights into Jack and warns him not to become like his father. Gigi, Rex and Shane meet Todd, Blair and Jack at the hospital and are surprised when Todd apologizes for Jack, and makes Jack apologize as well. Jack swears he had nothing to do with the latest round of bullying Shane has suffered and the parents hope their sons can put it behind them.

Natalie begins to listen to the session tape Gigi pilfered from Dr. Buhari’s office, believing it to be Shane’s session she will hear. She quickly realizes it’s Marty’s tape and hears Marty claim that she broke up John and Natalie, but before Natalie can hear the rest, Rex and Gigi interrupt and have changed their minds about violating Shane’s privacy. When Natalie tells them the tape is Marty’s, they persuade her not to listen to it and Rex returns the tape to Dr. Buhari. Meanwhile, Marty tries to seduce John, but he tells her they need to take things slower. Marty tells John she just wants to make him happy to make up for him losing his son. Later, Natalie becomes suspicious when Marty claims she and John are back together, especially when John is more ambiguous. Natalie decides to retrieve Marty’s session tape from the doctor’s office.


Clint tells Bo that he is dying. Viki plays the tape proving Echo knew all along that Clint was Rex’s father for Charlie, and Charlie confronts Echo. Mathew confesses to Destiny that he murdered Eddie Ford. James wants Deanna to move in with Nate. During the Balsom/Morasco session with Dr. Buhari, Rex admits he hired the thugs to beat up Jack. Ford is ready to have Jessica committed to St. Ann’s when Tess informs him that he is no longer her husband and Cutter is!


Marty kisses and tries to seduce John. John persuades Marty he just wants to take it slow. Marty nearly slips, saying something about how she wants to make him happy to make up for the baby he lost, but she covers on Monday, May 2.

Ford is forced to relinquish his son, a sight that moves Tess – until Ford makes Joey and Aubrey an offer that he will commit Tess if they let him have his son on Tuesday, May 3.

Bo visits Clint at and Clint tells him he’s dying on Wednesday, May 4.

Viki presents Charlie with the tape of Echo saying she knew all along Clint was Rex’s father. Charlie listens to it and has it out with Echo on Thursday, May 5.

Gigi, Rex, and Shane encounter Todd, Blair, and Jack at the hospital and are surprised when Todd apologizes for his son and makes Jack apologize for himself on Friday, May 6.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of May 9.

Natalie learns the truth, but Marty is determined to prevent her from telling John. Tomas comes face-to-face with Todd.

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