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AMC Previews: Week of May 9


Amanda grows more insecure about Jake and Cara.


Over Jake’s objection, Cara is determined to see MacKenzie to reassure her. Tad tells Jake not to encourage Cara’s attachment to MacKenzie and to keep his distance from her. Jake is curious why Tad is so concerned when his marriage to Cara is one of convenience. When MacKenzie’s father finds Cara in her room, a scuffle ensues and Jake is knocked out. Cara rushes to Jake’s side and her concern is obvious. As Cara leaves with Tad, she sees Jake with Amanda, but as he looks at Amanda, Jake sees Cara’s face. Opal warns Amanda that something is going on between Jake and Cara, but Amanda assures her that a baby will fix things. While Amanda stays by Jake’s bedside he has mixed flashes of his weddings to both Cara and Amanda. Amanda is surprised to learn Jake was injured because of Cara. Tad admits to Cara that he told Jake to stay away from her after they argued. Cara bonds with Kathy and Jenny who are pleased she makes their father so happy. Tad and Amanda interrupt Jake and Cara’s walk down memory lane.

David overhears Greenlee and Scott discussing whether or not to tell Madison about their bargain, and exposes them to Madison. Although Greenlee reassures Madison that Scott’s feelings for her are genuine, Madison remains unconvinced. When Madison experiences labor pains, Greenlee calls 911 and notifies Ryan and Scott. When David reveals to Scott and Ryan that he told Madison about Greenlee and Scott’s deal, Ryan has to hold Scott off of David. Madison orders Scott from her room. Medical efforts to stop Madison’s labor fail and the baby’s heart rate begins dropping so the doctors say they have to deliver her baby. As she’s wheeled into delivery, Scott tells Madison he loves her.


Bianca is upset to learn that Miranda is being bullied at school because of her mother’s sexual orientation. JR is proud of AJ for taking up for Miranda and wants to go to the school board to prevent other children from being bullied because of who they are. Marissa defends Bianca against a homophobic parent and states she would be proud to be Bianca’s partner. Caleb and Krystal call each other out on ulterior motives. Jack and Krystal share a kiss before learning Erica called. Jackson discovers the secret phone is missing. When Erica tries to escape, she comes face to face with her captor. Caleb and Jackson find a clue that leads them to search for Erica at a nearby quarry. Liza realizes David is still all about Greenlee and tells him they need to break things off. Ricky’s seduction of Kendall is interrupted, but he’s not giving up. Ricky plans to propose and he vows that next time Kendall won’t get away.


AJ and Miranda tell Bianca and Marissa that AJ got into a fight but Miranda takes the blame. Turns out AJ shoved another little boy because he was giving Miranda a hard time about the Erica/Bianca tabloid piece and another little girl called Bianca a “lezzy” on Monday, May 9.

Tad admits to JR the truth about his marriage but says his feelings for Cara are growing on Tuesday, May 10.

Greenlee asks Ryan to try and make things work since they love each other and while he tries, he just can’t go through with it on Wednesday, May 11.

David tells Scott and Ryan that he told Madison about Scott’s deal with Greenlee. Ryan holds Scott back from hitting David on Thursday, May 12.

In an effort to keep Ricky away from Kendall, Bianca tells him that there was a leak at the Yacht Club, but when he returns to his room, Ricky senses someone was there and wonders if Bianca was trying to keep him away from Kendall on Friday, May 13.


Erica’s captor mingles with her friends and family undetected, and Ricky proposes to Kendall.

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