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DAYS Previews: Week of May 2


When EJ tells Nicole he wants a divorce, Nicole shocks EJ with her knowledge of Rafe’s prison in the basement.


Monday – Stefano insists that EJ put his divorce plans on hold. Impostor Rafe formulates a plan. Nicole receives DNA confirmation that Rafe was held prisoner. T suggests Will and Gabi take their relationship to the next level. Rafe staggers through the woods.

Tuesday – Sami tells impostor Rafe he crossed a line and wants him out of her life for good. A feverish Rafe awakens in a convent. Melanie and Brady go out for drinks. Brady and Dario reach a truce. EJ asks Nicole for a divorce.

Wednesday – Nicole informs EJ she knows he kept Rafe prisoner in the basement. Caroline encourages Sami to get closure on her relationship with Rafe. Impostor Rafe searches for an important ATM card he lost. Rafe tells Sister Rose what little he knows about himself.

Thursday – Rafe remembers pieces of his past. Adrianne warns Chad to be wary of his new family. Jennifer joins Daniel at his apartment for their first date. Chloe feels guilty when she overhears Maggie and Victor arguing about her.

Friday – Sami arrives at the safe house and recalls her relationship with Rafe. Impostor Rafe grills Will and Gabi about the location of the famed safe house. Nicole announces to Taylor that she and EJ are going on their honeymoon.

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