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OLTL Previews: Week of May 9


Joey learns the truth about Aubrey and declares his feelings for Kelly.


Tess and Cutter admit that they married each other out of spite, and now they’re stuck in a crummy motel room with no money, no allies and no plan. Brody arrives and he’s determined to get through to Jessica so he forces a kiss on Tess, with unexpected results. Cutter admits to Joey, in front of Aubrey, that he married Tess to get his hands on the Buchanan money, and tells Joey to inform Clint to have the checkbook handy if they want to get Jessica the help she needs. Aubrey denies any knowledge of Cutter’s scheme, but Joey is seeing the light. When Joey informs Clint of Cutter’s demands, Clint keeps his dire medical condition secret. Joey confesses he thinks Cutter and Aubrey are in this scam together and Clint confirms, but persuades Joey to keep this knowledge under wraps until they get Jessica back. Meanwhile Jessica’s latest alter, Wes, who is patterned after Brody’s old Navy Seal comrade, slips away from Cutter and Brody and winds up at Capricorn where “he” comes onto Aubrey and Rama. Joey rushes to Kelly’s side when he learns of her injury and he and Dorian console one another. Joey confesses he doesn’t know what he would do without Kelly in his life.

Kelly is burning with desire (for Joey), and waits for John in his office for a little distraction. Marty overhears John and Kelly making arrangements to hook-up at his place later. Natalie tries to call John to tell him what she heard on the tape, but he doesn’t pick up, so she takes Liam and goes to find him in person. Kelly finds Marty waiting in John’s room, and things get out of hand. Natalie arrives at John’s, which appears empty, and discovers a note directing John to meet on the roof so she goes there to find Marty preparing a romantic dinner for John. John discovers Kelly bleeding on his bathroom floor. John goes with Kelly to the hospital. Kelly manages to tell John that Marty stabbed her and that she heard Natalie in his room. Assuming John is close behind her, Natalie confronts Marty with what she learned from the tape. Marty is determined to keep Natalie from telling John he is Liam’s father, and the ensuing struggle sends Marty over the edge, literally! Natalie hesitates before pulling Marty to safety, but Marty doesn’t hesitate to push Natalie off the roof. The information Kelly provides about her attack sends John back to the Angel Square Hotel where he finds Natalie’s broken body. Natalie barely manages to reveal that Marty has Liam on the roof. Brody comes upon John and Natalie and rushes to the roof to rescue “his son”. When he gets to the roof Marty gets the jump and knocks Brody out. John takes Natalie to the hospital. She is frantic about Liam but John can’t reach Brody. Brody regains consciousness and discovers Liam and Marty are nowhere to be found.


Viki learns of Clint’s imminent death. Todd continues to insist that Tomas tried to kill him while Tomas continues to insist he is innocent. Tomas dodges Tea’s questions prompting her to resign as his attorney. Blair’s feelings for Tomas are conflicted. Dorian, Starr and Blair wait for Kelly to come out of surgery. Viki arrives to support Dorian and is horrified when she learns Natalie has been injured and Liam is missing.


Cutter reveals his plan that he married Tess because he’s after the Buchanan money on Monday, May 9.

Kelly finds a vengeful and crazy Marty in John’s room, determined to let Kelly know once and for all that John belongs to her on Tuesday, May 10.

Brody and Cutter are present when Tess yields control to a new personality, Wes, based on Brody’s old Navy comrade Wednesday, May 11.

Natalie and Marty’s struggle results in Marty’s going over the side of the roof, where she clings to the edge. Natalie considers letting her fall, but ultimately pulls her to safety. Marty, however, is not so generous on Thursday, May 12.

Joey’s devastated over Kelly’s condition. He sticks close to her, but she barely comes to. When she’s wheeled off for surgery, he breaks down in Dorian’s arms on Friday, May 6.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of May 9.

John and Brody band together to find Liam and Marty, Wes protects Marty, Clint confesses to murdering Eddie Ford, and Dani spies Matthew and Destiny kissing.

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