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B&B Previews: Week of May 2


Ridge and Taylor embark on their own search to rescue Brooke and Thomas.


Pam and Donna bond w/ a little push from Stephen. The search for Thomas and Brooke is called off, leaving the families devastated.  Ridge and Taylor go on a mission to find Brooke and Thomas. Eric consoles his wife while preparing her for what might be a disaster. Dayzee and Stephanie console each other over the “loss” of Thomas.

Taylor’s love for Ridge grows during the search for Brooke and Thomas. Jealousy rears its ugly head as Whip witnesses Taylor and Ridge’s bond. Steffy confesses her deepest secrets about her childhood to Dollar Bill, causing his feelings for her to be stronger. Bill admits he has feelings for Steffy. Steffy proposes to Bill. Katie ponders the relationships that she has w/ the men in her life. Katie, with the help of Nick, makes a decision about her marriage to Bill. Jackie and Owen once again vow to love each other forever.


Monday – Steffy recalls losing Phoebe. Stephen comforts his family as they await word about Brooke. Old feelings of jealousy resurface for Whip when he thinks about Taylor spending time with Ridge.

Tuesday – The search and rescue team calls off the official search, so Ridge heads out on his own. Nick delivers bad news about the search to the Logans and Forresters. Bill attempts to buy more time from those who are assisting him.

Wednesday – Ridge and Taylor embark on their own search. Eric prepares Stephanie for the worst-case scenario. Donna unexpectedly finds comfort from Pam. Bill and Steffy exchange loving feelings for each other.

Thursday – The families receive new info regarding the search. Katie has a change of heart about her marriage. Bill and Steffy discuss their future. Oliver attempts to thwart any further intimacy between Hope and Liam.

Friday – Jackie and Owen express their undying love for each other. Katie conveys her appreciation to Nick for his help in the search. Steffy tells Bill that she refuses to give up on him, and then she says something that surprises Bill.

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