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AMC Previews: Week of May 16


Ricky proposes to Kendall and she accepts.


Many residents of Pine Valley are injured in the explosion. Griffin contemplates using the cover of all the chaos to rid the world of Ricky, but as he tends to his patients he realizes he’s a healer, not a murderer. Tensions build between Ricky and Bianca. When the family is gathered, Ricky proposes to Kendall and she accepts. Kendall pleads with Bianca to trust her. Ricky reveals to Kendall that his father was also a minister. Griffin discovers that Ricky has wiped the hard drive of his computer. Ryan nearly snaps when he learns of Kendall’s engagement. Griffin tells Kendall he’s worried that Ricky is onto their plan. Ricky busts Kendall snooping on his computer and she covers by telling him she’s on a wedding website, and reassures him she’s told the family about their wedding plans, but Ricky is upset when Spike doesn’t seem to know he’s getting a new stepdad. Kendall tells Bianca to withhold the information they have about Ricky from Erica. Ricky tells Jane it’s too early to celebrate his engagement, and Kendall slips Griffin Ricky’s computer before she heads to meet him. Griffin discovers photos that prove there is a connection between Ricky and Diana.


Tad admits to Angie that he won’t allow himself to act upon his feelings for Cara because of her past with Jake. Cara tells Jake that remembering their past isn’t a problem as long as they live in the present. Cara opens up with Tad about her relationship with Jake and wants to know more about Dixie. Kathy tells Cara that Dixie made Tad happy the way she does. Greenlee explains to Emma that her sister is at risk, and promises to remain by her side. Greenlee brings Emma to the hospital. Scott arranges for Madison and Ryan to see their baby and touch her for the first time. Madison tells Ryan she wants to name the baby Sara and give her Ryan’s last name. Greenlee tries to stall Madison from learning about Sara’s new emergency. As Caleb and JR work together to care for Asher, who has suffered a spinal cord injury, Caleb comes to appreciate that JR’s concern for Asher is genuine.


There’s tension between Bianca and Ricky and she claims she’s just concerned for Kendall. Ricky says all he wants to do is help Kendall on Monday, May 16.

After seeing Jesse and Brot talking in the park, Liza tells Angie she thinks Jesse’s up to something since she’s seen him in a few suspicious situations on Tuesday, May 17.

Greenlee informs Emma about all that is going on with her baby sister and promises to be by her side on Wednesday, May 18.

Caleb and JR appear to be bonding as they care for Asher who has a spinal cord injury on Thursday, May 19.

Ricky’s a bit annoyed after telling Spike that he and Kendall are getting married and her son didn’t know on Friday, May 20.


Jake learns Amanda’s trying to get pregnant, Jake and Cara become intimate, Kendall threatens Ricky with a gun and Bianca suffers flashbacks of her rape.

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GH Previews: Week of May 16

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