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GH Previews: Week of May 16


This week, Lisa continues to lay the groundwork for her next attack on Patrick and Robin through her pawn Kristina.


This week, Lisa continues to lay the groundwork for her next attack on Patrick and Robin through her pawn Kristina. Robin and Patrick continue to mend their broken relationship through marriage counseling. Lisa makes several suggestive purchases on Patrick’s credit card, which send him high dollar transaction alerts that Robin mistakenly chalks up to her recent Jacuzzi purchase. Elsewhere, Ethan discovers that Kristina has been taking an addictive drug, courtesy of Lisa. Later, Ethan decides to confront Johnny as Kristina tries to pry the truth out of Lisa. A furious Kristina unloads on Lisa for tricking her into taking an addictive drug, but a quick Lisa feigns innocence. Ethan vows to help Kristina recover from her pill addiction. Michael stumbles upon a ragged Kristina, who is clearly not able to kick the drugs cold turkey.

Lisa conveys just how far gone she is to Johnny, who finally decides to warn Patrick. Meanwhile, Robin returns home as an unhinged Lisa sabotages the Drake heater. Robin is startled to hear a noise in the basement and goes to investigate. Lisa seizes the opportunity to lock Robin in the basement with the leaking gas heater – but when she goes to check on what she hopes is a dead Robin, the tables may have finally turned.


Jason’s threats aren’t able to get through to Jax, who uses Carly’s departure to take Josslyn home and gain custody rights. Brenda balks at Sonny enlisting Carly to help him. Sam confides in Alexis her own doubts about being a mother. Brenda finally confronts Suzanne. Lucky and Siobhan prepare for an immigration interrogation over their sham of a marriage. Luke witnesses firsthand how much Lucky continues to hurt over the loss of Jake and Luke’s alcoholism. Without a true bottom in site, a drunk Luke tries to provoke Jason into killing him.

Jason warns Michael to back off searching for the hit woman who framed Abby, especially in light of Josslyn’s custody battle. Anthony eggs on Lucky with unkind words about Jake, goading Lucky to punch him. Steve takes the day off to surprise Olivia with a guitar serenade and the two decide to get real with each other. Jax provides evidence that Shawn is not safe. Jason refuses to put Luke out of his misery. Sonny and Brenda have a heart to heart about the risks of being married to the mob. Jason, Sam and Alexis discuss the joys and dangers of parenthood.


Dante gets a glimpse of the Sonny he once liked when the father-son duo team up to overcome Suzanne on Monday, May 16th.

Elizabeth completely unravels when she finds Cameron has opened the front door on Tuesday, May 17th.

Lucky almost succumbs to his pill addiction when he runs into Kristina on Wednesday, May 18th.

Alexis hopes Sam and Jason will decide against making her a grandmother on Thursday, May 19th.

Brenda thanks Carly for her involvement in her son’s rescue on Friday, May 20th.


Anthony plots to use Brenda and her child as a way to get at Sonny. Robin and Patrick have a trick of their own up their sleeves. Luke fears he is becoming his father. Ethan helps Kristina through withdrawal. Siobhan and Maxie share their knowledge of Aiden’s paternity with each other. Lulu quits Crimson and decides to run the Haunted Star in her father’s absence. Elizabeth empathizes with a mother whose son was hit by a car and brought into General Hospital.

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