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OLTL Previews: Week of May 16


Will Matthew confess to Eddie Ford’s murder?


Matthew confronts Destiny about being so aloof since they slept together, and tells her that their first time was special for him. Bo and Nora are outraged when Blanca tips them off to the story she plans to run accusing Matthew of Eddie Ford’s murder. They later tell Matthew, and he wants to turn himself in. When Dani sees Destiny and Matthew kissing, she confronts Destiny, who spills everything. Blanca comes upon them and tries to get a comment for her story, and Destiny goes off on her. Dani believes Blanca’s story. Nate overhears Destiny confess to Dani that Matthew did kill Eddie Ford. Nate confronts Matthew and is furious that Matthew was fully prepared to allow him to go to prison and punches him out. Nate demands that Matthew turn himself in. When Blanca asks Clint to give her an interview about Matthew’s crime and Bo and Nora’s cover-up, he cuts her a deal. Just as Bo and Nora arrive to try and squash the story, they overhear Clint confessing to Blanca that he was the one who murdered Eddie Ford. Later Bo and Clint inform Nora that Clint is dying.

Brody, dazed from the head wound Marty delivered tries to give chase but is overcome. Matthew and Destiny take Brody to the ER where they find John with Natalie. John persuades Brody not to tell Natalie that Marty has Liam. Marty has taken Liam to the Minuteman Motel, where she fantasizes about her future with John now that she’s eliminated the competition. Brody and John search for Marty and Liam and discover Dr. Buhari’s body. Natalie learns of Liam’s fate when she sees a broadcast in which Clint offers $1,000,000 reward for his grandson’s recovery. Marty is freaking out over losing the incriminating tape, which is lying in Angel Square, and Liam’s wailing is fraying her nerves even further. Rick, the porn producer shows up because of the racket, and sidesteps Marty to quiet the baby. When he returns to his room, he sees the broadcast and seizes the opportunity to claim the reward. Marty, however, is worried that Rick may have recognized her and decides to make tracks, but Wes’s arrival prevents that. Brody, Viki and Natalie piece together Natalie’s movements leading up to her arrival at Angel Square Hotel, and assume that there is information on the tape that led to the attacks. Rick’s greed tries John’s patience. John and Brody race to the Minuteman Motel only to find Wes, who refuses to reveal where Marty and Liam are. Brody appeals to Wes and then Jess, only to force Tess to emerge. Tess doesn’t remember anything about Marty, and Brody arrests her as an accessory. John tells Natalie that Liam is still missing and comforts her.


Tomas blackmails Todd into recanting his accusation. Cutter tries to use his sex appeal to draw Tess back out, but Wes is having none of it, and tries to let Cutter down easy by claiming “he” is straight. Ford seeks legal advice about Ryder’s custody from a female law student who misunderstands where his interest lies. Rama and Christian share an electric moment. Deanna and James get closer. Joey is with Kelly when she regains consciousness after her surgery and he apologizes for not believing her about Aubrey and Cutter.


Marty, believing Natalie and Kelly to be dead, theorizes she now stands a real shot of having a family with John on Monday, May 16.

Hot dog-attired Ford goes home with a hamburger-attired girl, a law student. She thinks he’s trying to seduce her but he’s really just pumping her for legal advice re Ryder on Tuesday, May 17.

Wes tries to let him down easy, insisting he’s straight, but Cutter keeps trying to reach Tess. Finally, Wes reaches the end of his rope, decks Cutter and leaves on Wednesday, May 18.

Rick crosses with John at the hospital and offers to give up his information on Marty’s whereabouts, but only in exchange for Clint’s reward money. Rick has picked the wrong cop to screw around with on Thursday, May 19.

Bo and Nora walk in on Clint telling Blanca he killed Eddie Ford, while the cameras roll on Friday, May 20.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of May 23.

Joey confronts Aubrey about her lies and schemes, Matthew collapses, Marty asks Todd for help, and Cutter puts the squeeze on the Buchanans.

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