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New Series Coming to Mid-Season on SYFY


In less than two weeks, the SyFy original series Ghost Hunters returns for a new season, and will help launch a new series, Haunted Collector.

June 1st brings new episodes for the original Ghost Hunters, who return with all new cases. In their return episode, the TAPS team along with special guest Josh Gates (Destination Truth) head to Hawaii as they investigate the historic Pearl Harbor. In addition to a new episode of Ghost Hunters, SyFy will debut a new original series, Haunted Collector. The new series focuses on paranormal activity associated with personal belongings, items of history and a spirit’s attachment to these items of interest.

Haunted Collector involves a paranormal researcher and well renowned demonologist John Zaffis. For over 4 decades, Zaffis has traveled the world helping others who feel helpless against the paranormal they feel have attached themselves to personal objects. John has also accumulated thousands of artifacts that now reside in a museum and seen by thousands of visitors who also can feel the presence of spirits amongst the items. John and the work he has done is also documented in his book Shadows of the Dark. John and his family will be the team who tries to help countless people understand the spiritual connection between the spirit world and the items they have come to own.

John’s son Chris will be the technical gadgeteer in the new series. Chris has been fascinated with the spirit world since he was a child. It was an easy jump for him to join his father on his mission to help others who felt helpless against the paranormal.

Amy, unlike Chris, is a skeptic and someone who loves antiques and history. She never thought she would fall into her father’s business, but her main focus will be research and helping her mom, Cheryl with the everyday duties at the office.

Beth Ezzo joins the team as the psychic investigator and invaluable to John as his field assistant. Beth has been involved with the paranormal since she was a teen and has the ability to feel a spirit’s energy and connecting with the other side.

Brian Cano, the scientist who is responsible for the implementation of all the technical equipment used by the team. He’s been fascinated with the paranormal since he was 10 years old, and he plays an important part of the team as they gather evidence and prove the items have a spiritual connection they believe it has.

To celebrate the mid-season premiere of Ghost Hunters, and the debut of Haunted Collector, SYFY will air a full day of Ghost Hunters starting at 8am on Wednesday, June 1st. The new episode will air at a new time, 8pm EST, followed by Haunted Collector at 9pm and Hollywood Treasure will follow at 10pm EST.

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