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OLTL Previews: Week of May 23


Marty is in grave danger from Todd and Tomas.



Once he’s released from the hospital, a disgruntled Todd discovers that Tomas has been living in his home. Tea expects Tomas to move out because the charges against him have been dropped, but when alone with Todd, Tomas says he’s not going anywhere. Todd initially tries to persuade Tomas to leave – at gunpoint. When Tea returns, Todd has had a sudden change of heart. Based on a tip from Jessica’s alter Bess, Brody arrives at Todd’s to question him about Marty and Liam. Todd blows Brody off, but Tea allows Brody to search the premises. Brody’s search comes up empty, but he warns Todd to call him if he’s contacted by Marty. Todd swears to Tea he doesn’t know anything about Marty and Liam’s whereabouts. Marty is hiding Liam in Todd’s pool house, and Marty blackmails Todd with information she has on him and Tomas. Todd appears persuaded to continue hiding Marty and Liam. When John shows up, Marty hides but Todd’s evasive behavior perks up John’s suspicions. Brody and John consult about Todd’s role in keeping Marty free of police custody. Brody brings Natalie up to speed on his and John’s suspicions that Todd is helping Marty. Now that the charges against him are dropped, Tomas wants to see if he and Blair can have a future. Blair and Tomas check into the Palace Hotel and are about to make love when Todd calls Tomas. Todd tells Tomas they have a little Marty problem, and when Tomas returns home, Todd insists that Tomas get rid of her.

Destiny tries to persuade Matthew to go along with Clint’s phony confession to Eddie’s murder and leaves to find Dani and keep her from telling anyone about Matthew. Bo and Nora return home and tell Matthew that Clint confessed because he’s dying. Matthew, who has been suffering from a searing headache all day, insists that he wants to take responsibility but before he can tell his parents that there are other people who know the truth, he collapses. Nate confides in Deanna that he overheard Destiny and Dani discuss Matthew’s situation, and later he sees Dani and is angry when she doesn’t tell him the truth. Bo and Nora take Matthew to the emergency room where he’s rushed into surgery due to bleeding on his brain. While Matthew is in surgery, Bo and Nora contact Destiny to see if she knows how he might have sustained the injury. When Nate learns of Matthew’s hospitalization, he worries to Deanna that he might have caused the injury when he punched Matthew.


John comes to see Kelly at the hospital. Roxy brings a psychic to Natalie to help locate Liam. Aubrey tried to convince Joey that although she did set out to con him in the beginning, she has fallen in love with him. Joey is unmoved and orders her to leave the mansion, but Aubrey reminds him that if they split, they risk losing custody of Ryder. Ford has a date and he runs into Tess at Capricorn. Meanwhile, Cutter has sealed the deal with Clint and shows up Capricorn to have Tess committed. As she’s dragged away, Tess pleads with Ford to help her. James and Starr have a romantic evening at the Palace in spite of multiple unexpected interruptions. Rama admits that she was never pregnant.


Throughout the day, Matthew nurses a searing headache brought on by the injury he sustained when Nate punched him. Bo and Nora return home and Bo tells Matthew that Clint confessed because he’s dying on Monday, May 23.

Viki challenges Clint about his claim that he killed Eddie Ford. Tea arrives to prevent Clint from answering on Tuesday, May 24.

Cutter puts the screws to Viki and Clint. He demands scads of cash – and Asa’s mansion – in exchange for committing Tess to St. Ann’s on Wednesday, May 25.

Marty warns Todd he has to hide her, because she can expose his dealings with Tomas and bring to light a computer disc that could be damaging to him. on Thursday, May 26.

Bo and Nora wait anxiously while Matthew is in surgery and wonder how he received the blow to his head on Friday, May 27.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of May 30.

Bo and Nora receive devastating news, Marty’s shocked to learn that Natalie is still alive, Roxy lets it slip to John that Brody and Natalie kissed recently and Joey vows to divorce Aubrey so he can be with Kelly.

AMC Previews: Week of May 23

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