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AMC Previews: Week of May 23


Bianca’s tortured past rises up to haunt her.


Cara’s surprise over Kendall’s engagement is evident. Ricky wants to marry immediately, but Kendall persuades him that their wedding day must be special. Griffin brings Tad up to speed on the investigation into Ricky, and reveals that he believes Ricky may have killed Zach. Kendall plans to go on the yacht with Ricky, but before she can leave Griffin intercepts her. Kendall tells Griffin she will get Ricky to confess, but when Griffin discovers she has a gun, he grows more determined to stop her and throws her over his shoulder. Kendall escapes from Griffin by injecting him with a sedative. Meanwhile Ricky discovers that Bianca is onto him and he knocks out Bianca and Marissa and traps them in a closet. When she comes to, Bianca begins suffering flashbacks of her rape. Miranda takes charge and the women escape the closet. As they prepare to embark on their journey, Kendall discovers Bianca’s cell phone. When Ricky tries to take Kendall into his arms, she pulls the gun on him. Ricky confesses that he killed Zach and explains how. When Griffin is arrested he tries to tell the cops that Kendall is in trouble, but Tad helps him escape. Griffin comes to Kendall’s rescue just as Ricky manages to get the gun away from her. Ricky threatens Kendall and Griffin, but they work together and bring him down. Jesse arrests both Griffin and Ricky. Kendall vows to fight to clear Griffin’s name.

Tad breaks off a close moment between Cara and Jake. Cara misunderstands when Tad asks her to spend the night with him. Tad consoles a very upset Amanda and reassures her that things will be alright and encourages her to fight for her marriage. When Cara hears news from Afghanistan, she fears that Griffin is dead. Tad wants to ease her worries. Amanda and Jake argue when he learns she stopped using birth control but Amanda remains convinced that a baby will solve their problems. Later Amanda is upset to learn that she’s not pregnant, just before Jake apologizes and tells her that if she is pregnant it was meant to be. Amanda doesn’t reveal that she isn’t pregnant, but Jake finds out from a nurse at the hospital. Liza agrees to help Tad’s investigation into Ricky, and tells him she realizes how much he loves Cara. Jake and Cara almost have sex. Tad finds Cara and tells her the truth about Griffin and apologizes for keeping her in the dark.


Scott tells Marissa he will be there for Madison, no matter what. JR is increasingly uncomfortable with Scott and Marissa’s closeness. After she and Bianca escape from the closet, Marissa accepts that she needs JR’s help even though she’s fully aware he’s using the circumstances to his advantage. Jack shares his feelings that something is “off” with Erica.


Kendall learns that Ricky killed Diane and now she’s afraid. Griffin consoles Kendall and they share a moment on Monday, May 23.

Kendall tells Bianca she must bring things to an end and she informs Griffin through the earpiece that she will handle this and then cuts off communication on Tuesday, May 24.

JR tells Maya she doesn’t need to be so formal around him (she’s been wearing long sleeves) but what he doesn’t notice are the bruises she’s hiding underneath her sleeves on Wednesday, May 25.

Marissa tries to console Bianca as she has horrible memories of Michael Cambias and the rape on Thursday, May 26.

JR takes care of Marissa and while she knows he’s taking advantage of the situation to be with her, she’s ok with that because right now it’s what she needs on Friday, May 27.


David grows suspicious of Erica, Scott agrees to move out, Marissa and Bianca share what could be a romantic moment, Erica has an allergic reaction.

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