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OLTL Previews: Week of May 30


Marty vows to be rid of Natalie for good!



Tomas stands watch over Marty, but when morning comes, Todd takes his turn. Marty refuses to believe Natalie is still alive when Todd tells her, so Todd leaves her to find proof of his claim. Marty vows to rectify that particular situation post haste. Natalie tells Brody that she is certain the tape of Marty’s session with Dr. Buhari contains critical information. Meanwhile, Roxy has found the tape. Roxy blabs to John that Brody and Natalie kissed recently. Marty discovers that Natalie is just outside the pool house and is prepared to kill her off, but Brody shows up so she hides. Todd comes to retrieve Marty and take her to another location. Marty tells Todd that she wants him to tell John that Liam is his son. When John and Brody arrive at Todd’s house with a warrant, the house is empty, but John goes to the pool house where he discovers Tomas holding Liam.

Viki tries to reason with Tess without success. Ford shows up to rescue Tess from St. Ann’s, but he wants the goods on Aubrey and Joey so he can get custody of his son. Eventually Tess tells Ford everything, but they are caught trying to escape and Ford is ejected from the facility. Joey is amazed to learn the sacrifices Clint made to ensure Jessica received the help that she needs. Cutter evicts Joey and Aubrey and Ryder, but allows Rama to stay after she persuades him that she was on his side and tried to persuade Aubrey to stay with him. Ford finds Ryder with Aubrey and tells her he will use the information he got from Tess to get his son back. Aubrey points out that the judge’s reaction might not be what Ford expects and offers to work with him to get better visitation. Aubrey lets Ford take Ryder for the day, which makes Joey furious. Joey vows he will be rid of Aubrey so he can be with Kelly.


When Rex confronts Clint about his criminal acts, Clint goes into cardiac arrest. The emergency vaults Clint to the head of the line for a new heart. Bo and Nora receive devastating news about Matthew’s condition, but Nora refuses to give up hope. Rick overhears Nate telling Deanna that he is sure that he’s responsible for Matthew’s condition. Starr and Blair go to visit Cole at Statesville.


Monday, May 30 Encore Episode: Clint has just heard that Shane is being bullied in school and Bo and Nora try to decide if Matthew should turn himself in for killing Eddie. Marty asks John if he would take Natalie back if he were to find out that Liam was his son.

Bo and Nora are thrilled when Matthew survives surgery, as are Destiny and Dani. But their joy is short-lived when he suffers a life-altering complication on Tuesday, May 31.

Tess believes she is saved when Ford, dressed as an orderly, appears in her room at St. Ann’s. Ford first demands the information about Aubrey and Joey that may aid his pursuit of Ryder on Wednesday, June 1.

John is affected when Roxy lets slip that Brody and Natalie shared a recent kiss. Joey tells Kelly he wants to be with her on Thursday, June 2.

Marty goes with Todd, asking him to tell John that Liam isn’t Brody’s son, but is John’s. John gets a warrant to search Todd’s house on Friday, June 3.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of June 6.

Shane gets some payback, Viki authorizes an extreme procedure to get her daughter back, and Clint breaks the news to Joey and Natalie that he doesn’t have long to live.

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