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OLTL Previews: Week of June 6


Nora refuses to believe all hope is lost for Matthew.



Marty, in a fit of remorse, tells Todd everything and is determined to reveal the truth to John as well. Todd insists that she has suffered enough, and promises to tell John the truth after Marty is safe. John finds Tomas in the pool house with Liam, to Tea’s dismay. Tomas claims he found Liam there after hearing his cries. John gives Liam to Brody and tells him to take his son to Natalie. Tea urges John to go after Marty, and then begins to question Tomas about what really happened. Tomas swears he told John the truth, but Tea remembers Todd keeping her from the pool house. Roxy is with Natalie at the hospital but Brody enters with Liam before Roxy has the chance to tell Natalie about finding Marty’s recorder. Later Roxy tries to play the recording. John grills Todd about Marty’s whereabouts, and the aggressive interrogation tactics backfire when Todd decides not to reveal the truth about Liam. Tea grows more suspicious about Tomas and Todd’s role in Marty’s disappearance when she learns Todd has been arrested. Natalie and Brody kiss, and although at first they try to explain it away as a reaction to their mutual joy over Liam’s safe return, they admit they may be developing deeper feelings, but then quickly agree that it would be too complicated to pursue further. Natalie tells John about the tape recorder and they share a close moment that is interrupted by Brody’s return. John continues to shoot himself in the foot, giving Todd an excuse to keep Liam’s paternity a secret.

Bo and Nora are faced with bad news when Matthew’s doctor reveals that his condition is unchanged. Rex finds Bo overcome with grief, but when Bo asks about Clint’s condition, Rex reveals that Clint’s only hope is to find a compatible donor. Bo reluctantly admits that Matthew is a compatible donor, and when Nora overhears their discussion, she makes it very clear she is not giving up on Matthew and refuses to consider giving his heart to Clint. Starr learns of Matthew’s condition and visits him leading her to discover Matthew and Destiny’s relationship. As Nate learns that Matthew’s condition has not improved, he grows more worried that he is responsible.


Blair and Gigi argue over Gigi’s refusal to serve Jack. Jack leaves and heads to the gym where Shane is “training” with Cristian, and continues to bully Shane. Shane responds by gleefully dropping a barbell on Jack’s foot. Jack threatens Shane but Shane doesn’t back down. Jack hatches a revenge scheme that includes making up a fictional female MYFACE friend for Shane, but Shane isn’t falling for it and turns the tables. Rex and Gigi plan to marry at City Hall, but when Gigi learns of Jack’s latest torment for Shane, she decides to take a detour on the way to her wedding. James finds a job for Deanna. Cutter drops a bombshell on a newly released Vimal. Cris can’t stop thinking about Rama. Viki agrees to extreme treatment after Tess becomes violent at St. Ann’s.


Jack texts a warning to Shane. Shane tells him to bring it on Monday, June 6.

Rama threatens to out Cutter’s other mysterious secret should he tell Vimal the truth. Back at Serenity Springs, Blair advises Cris to stay away from married women on Tuesday, June 7.

Todd is about to tell Tea about Marty’s secret of having switched Liam’s paternity records, but he changes his mind when he hears Brody tell Tea how much Liam means to him on Wednesday, June 8.

Viki visits Ford to warn him not to visit Tess again, revealing that Tess is about to undergo Electro-Convulsive Therapy on Thursday, June 9.

Clint breaks the news to Joey and Natalie that he doesn’t have long to live on Friday, June 10.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of June 13.

Gigi fumbles into Jack and Brad’s revenge plot, John becomes enraged, Blair is under surveillance by a familiar face, and John is in possession of Marty’s tape.

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