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OLTL Previews: Week of June 13


Jessica wants her life back.


John comforts Natalie over Clint’s impending death, drawing her into a kiss. John admits that he can’t stop caring for Natalie, and he wants to be with her, but he can’t forgive her lies. Natalie accepts that they will never be together. Brody and Viki are bitterly disappointed to learn that the electroshock treatments haven’t had the desired effect, and Tess is still in control. The doctor suggests that future treatments may be more successful, and Brody is encouraged, but Viki refuses to approve the therapy. Brody is forced to accept Viki’s decision, and resigned that Jessica very likely will never come back. Ford, disguised as a nun, is lurking nearby listening to the discussion and he is delighted that Tess is still in residence. Ford reveals himself to Tess and confesses that he is in love with her and she admits her feelings to him. Ford and Tess escape from St. Ann’s. Brody returns to Llanfair and explains to Natalie that now that he believes Jessica is lost to him forever, he needs to move out. Natalie understands and as he turns to leave, a peck on the cheek turns into a passionate kiss, and they make love. Tess and Ford hide out at the Minute Man Motel, and they consummate their relationship. Afterward, Tess persuades Ford that they need Cutter’s help to elude the Buchanans and when he leaves to go find Cutter, a battle for control between Jessica and Tess ensues. Jessica ultimately prevails, and sets out to find Brody and her children. Natalie and Brody rejoice that they are a family now, and as they are kissing, Jessica walks in. Jessica is furious, Natalie is apologetic, but Brody defends their relationship. Jessica leaves and goes to find her children with Aubrey, but Aubrey refuses to give them up. Ford asks Cutter to sign annulment papers, and Cutter refuses until Rama intercedes on Ford’s behalf. Ford rushes back to the motel with the annulment papers, only to find that Tess is missing.

Roxy visits Gigi and learns of her wedding plans. Roxy gives Gigi the tape recorder as a wedding gift. Rex apologizes to Clint and tells him that he’s getting married. Clint thinks Rex is schmoozing because he knows Clint is dying and wants to receive an inheritance. Rex is offended and the animosity between father and son is even worse than before. Nora refuses to consider donating Matthew’s heart to Clint, but Bo is worried that a decision will have to be made about Matthew’s condition. Nora confronts Clint, but Clint claims he knew nothing about Matthew’s condition and insists he would rather die than accept Matthew’s heart. Destiny stays by Matthew’s side and tells him she lied when she told Starr they used protection. Dani and Starr wonder if Destiny could be pregnant. Another prospective heart donor is brought to the ER, but Viki is crushed when she learns who the donor is.


Starr finds Sam talking, and when she asks who he’s talking to, Sam explains it is a homeless man. The man with Todd Manning’s face sees Blair. Cris shows up at the Buchanan Mansion and plants a kiss on Rama which Vimal sees. Cris takes the blame and Vimal kicks him out, but Cris admits to Rama that he can’t stop thinking about her. Vimal’s parents are coming for a visit. John questions Todd, who begins to taunt him about Natalie and Liam, enraging John.


The man with Todd Manning’s original face gazes at arriving Starr. Starr moves closer to Sam, asks who he’s talking to. Sam says he was talking to a homeless man on Monday, June 13.

Todd taunts John about Natalie and Liam. John, snaps and holds Todd at gunpoint on Tuesday, June 14.

Starr tells Danielle about Destiny’s earlier nausea. Starr admits to Danielle that she knows Destiny slept with Matthew on Wednesday, June 15.

Tess gloats to her reflection that she really can be happy, assuming it’s Bess. But it’s Jessica. Jessica fights for dominance over Tess and wins on Thursday, June 16.

Dr. Gangemi breaks the good news to Clint and Viki. Viki is hit hard when she learns who the heart donor is on Friday, June 10.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of June 20.

Blair uncovers more of Tomas’s secret life, Starr meets an intriguing young man, Natalie is caught in the conflict raging between Clint and Rex, and Clint prepares for surgery but there is a problem with the donor heart.

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