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AMC Previews: Week of June 13


Tad is encouraged to let go of his baggage and focus on his future with Cara.


While Opal is happy that Tad and Cara’s marriage seems to be developing into something real, Tad still believes Cara has feelings for Jake. Opal encourages Tad to let go of his baggage and focus on his future. Tad’s hair turns orange when Opal tries to die it. Amanda is surprised to learn Cara and Jake are working together again, and Cara wants to know why Jake didn’t tell her. After Lucy’s christening, Amanda tells Jake she will fight for them, and pulls him into a kiss. Jake wants to make love to Amanda, but she is uncomfortable with the “setting”. Tad shows Cara his hair, and admits he did it to be more attractive to her. Jake admits to Tad that he hasn’t told Amanda about what happened with Cara, and Tad advises him not to. Jake plans a surprise trip to rekindle the romance with Amanda. Amanda confides in JR about her concerns for her marriage. JR encourages her to investigate further before jumping to conclusions about Cara and Jake. Cara admits to Tad that she’s feeling guilty about lying to Amanda, and then she dyes his hair and plants a kiss on him. Cara tells Tad about the trip Jake is planning, and Tad worries that there are too many secrets. When Amanda tries to talk to Jake he is called away for an emergency. Upset, Amanda proceeds to the bar where she gets an upsetting call that David overhears. JR and Amanda meet at the Yacht Club and toast her business success. Amanda decides to give Jake a taste of his own medicine by staying over at the Yacht Club and letting him wonder where she is for a change. Trumball shows up to check on Cara and Tad.

Bianca almost gives Marissa the music box, but backs out when Marissa tells her she is thinking of giving JR another chance. Bianca gives JR the music box on her way out, and JR makes a gift of it to Marissa who is delighted. Marissa later shows Bianca the music box and expresses her delight with JR’s thoughtful gift. Marissa notices that Bianca seems upset and suggests a night out, but Bianca encourages JR to ask Marissa on a date. Bianca helps JR plan a date with Marissa in the park. Marissa wants to continue to move slowly with JR and he thinks it’s because she has feelings for Scott. Scott tells Bianca that Marissa will be making a mistake if she goes back to JR, but Bianca insists it’s up to Marissa to make her own choices. Marissa complains to Bianca that JR is still jealous of Scott.


Madison’s grief is overwhelming and when Scott shows up, she unleashes her fury. Scott calls Ryan and tells him that he’s worried, and Ryan leaves Greenlee to go comfort Madison. Jackson explains his concerns about “Erica” to Kendall and informs her that “Erica” almost took a drink. Jane proposes to buy the hospital from Greenlee and they shake on it. Jackson, Opal and Kendall call Jane to the house and confront her with their worries. Jane explains her behavior by telling them she is still afraid the kidnappers may try again. Ben blurts out to Erica that he is the reason Jane did this and he is loyal because of something he did to Jane. Jane interrupts before he can explain. David tries to persuade Jane that the life she is living isn’t hers but she’s not hearing him. Erica tries to get closer to Ben. Maya is introduced to Angie, and Frankie suggests she would be a good babysitter for Lucy. Liza asks Colby to give her another chance.


Ben blurts out that he’s the reason Jane did this and he’s trying to repay what he cost her. Before he can continue Jane shows up on Monday, June 13.

Frankie realizes Maya’s never met Angie and introduces the two and they immediately hit it off on Tuesday, June 14.

Tad’s hair turns orange after he allows Opal to dye it. He shows Cara and admits he did it for her, hoping to get rid of his gray hair on Wednesday, June 15.

David continues calling Jane by her real name and she insists he stop. Jane admits to mistakenly telling Erica’s family that she was tempted to drink and now they won’t stop hovering on Thursday, June 16.

Jackson tells David he can’t hold the Kendall incident over Erica’s head forever and David says he’s not blackmailing Erica, but rather they’re becoming friends again on Friday, June 17.


Amanda gives into her impulses with JR and is stunned to learn Jake didn’t sleep with Cara. Angie is determined to get her sight back.

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