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GH Previews: Week of June 13


Lives are in danger as a crazed Lisa holds General Hospital hostage.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

With Lisa still on the loose, Patrick and Coleman have a conversation about fidelity. Later, an entertained Anthony continues to help fellow crackpot Lisa prepare for her ultimate revenge. Lisa arrives at General Hospital in disguise, ready with deadly intent. After a heart to heart with Lucky, Elizabeth returns to work in the operating room, but Steve is concerned. Elsewhere, an angry Lucky sets fire to the Spencer home – only to realize Siobhan is trapped inside. Having returned to work prematurely, Sam checks in to the hospital to be treated for stomach cramps.

Lucky and Dante rescue Siobhan from the fire and rush her to General Hospital. Elizabeth rushes to help Matt with the surgery, unaware that Siobhan is their patient. Elizabeth makes a potentially fatal error on the operating table. Maxie arrives at the hospital to see Matt, but instead runs into Spinelli. Robin and Sam talk about running tests to see if Sam may already be pregnant. Dressed as a security guard, Lisa fires a gun into the hub, sending the hospital into lockdown with many Port Charles residents inside.


Ethan and Sonny throw false accusations at each other. Luke takes the cruel to be kind approach with Lucky. Brenda confesses to Robin how nervous she is about Sonny’s mob life and Alec. Michael and Abby discuss his future and the question of his college acceptance. Bryce taunts Kristina at Graduation only for Michael to attack him in defense. Lucky, Lulu and Ethan are devastated by their father’s behavior. Sonny threatens Mayor Floyd for Michael’s diploma. Alexis tries to make a lesson out of Michael’s behavior, but Carly defends her son. Kristina hopes for a kiss from Ethan.

The Corinthos-Davis-Jacks clan celebrates Michael and Kristina’s graduation. Jason and Sam discuss being able to let their future children go. Brenda and Diane argue about Sonny legally adopting Alec. Siobhan and Lulu worry about Lucky bouncing back from Luke’s rebuke. Later, Siobhan and Maxie discuss Aiden’s paternity secret. Elizabeth goes to see Jason about Lucky as Maxie and Dante discuss how to help Lulu. Sam and Spinelli take off for a case, but Jason worries Sam is not fully healed yet to go back to work.


After Luke pushes Lucky away “for his own good,” a heartbroken Lucky believes his father never should have been domesticated on Monday, June 13th.

Jax and Carly agree to a temporary truce to celebrate Michael’s high school graduation on Tuesday, June 14th.

Dante delivers Michael that happy news that his parole is officially over on Wednesday, June 15th.

After discussing who’s to blame over Jake’s death with Elizabeth, Lucky sets fire to the Spencer family home on Thursday, June 16th.

Siobhan’s life is in Elizabeth’s hands on Friday, June 17th.


Lucky, Jason, Dante and Mac work together to lift the lockdown. When Lucky spins out of control, Elizabeth tells him the truth. Robin has Sam’s test results. Spinelli comes out of surgery unlike himself. Elizabeth and Lucky confront Nikolas. Sonny and Alexis don’t see eye to eye over Kristina’s punishment. Jax tries to get Brenda to testify for him. Kristina challenges Ethan to kiss her.

AMC Previews: Week of June 13

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