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OLTL Previews: Week of June 20


Blair uncovers Tomas’ secrets.


Calmar nabs a suspicious Blair when she follows Tomas to New York. Blair pretends to comply when Calmar warns her to go home, but returns to hear Tomas angrily shouting and the sound of smashing glass. When Tomas leaves, Blair sneaks into the room to find a beautiful woman claiming to be Tomas’s wife, Yvette. Tomas returns and explains that he and Yvette have been separated for years, since he discovered her affair with another man and that she was pregnant with his child, but Yvette has refused to a divorce. Yvette informs Tomas that her son is actually his child. Meanwhile Starr meets Sebastian, who calls himself Baz, and they share an interest in music. Baz returns to New York, where his parents have been searching for him after discovering him missing, and admits to Tomas, Blair and Yvette that he went to Llanview to see what it was like. Tomas agrees to take custody of Baz at Yvette’s insistence and her agreement to finalize their divorce. As she departs, Yvette issues a cryptic warning to Blair about Tomas. Blair lures Baz back to Llanview with the promise that he can use the sound equipment at Capricorn. Tomas introduces Baz to Dani, and Baz invites himself to go along with her to the graduation. Starr is surprised to learn Baz is Tomas’s son, and James is none too thrilled. Blair checks with Tomas to see how things are going with Baz and Tomas admits that it’s a struggle. Blair comforts Tomas, and asks him what Yvette meant by her warning. Meanwhile, in Blair’s absence, John and Brody get the evidence they need to arrest Jack, Todd uses Brad’s father’s misfortune to Jack’s gain, and the man with Todd Manning’s original face continues to piece together bits of information about what he believes is his life.

Jessica learns she doesn’t have custody of her children when she finds Ryder with Aubrey. Having looked everywhere for Tess, Ford shows up at Llanfair to find that Jessica has returned and she wants nothing to do with him and refuses to allow him to be in Ryder’s life. John observes that Brody is looking pretty rough, and Brody’s delivery of the news that Jessica has returned puzzles John. Jessica and Natalie argue and Natalie lashes out at Jessica for abandoning Brody. Jessica strikes back by pointing out that she didn’t sleep with Natalie’s man but then implies that could change.


Now that Jessica is back, Joey kicks Aubrey to the curb. Natalie is caught between Clint and Rex. Tea tells Rex that she can’t find a way for him to marry Gigi. Rex and Echo deal with the issue about keeping his true paternity from him. Echo sets up David to appear to be cheating on Dorian. James and Ford rescue Deanna from Rick’s clutches. Clint is prepped for surgery but at the last minute learns there is a problem with the donor heart.


Jessica’s forced to leave Ryder in Aubrey’s care a little longer when Brody informs her of the situation with Clint and she goes to the hospital on Monday, June 20.

Todd and Téa defend Jack from John. Todd takes Jack home but John promises he’ll be seeing the kid real soon on Tuesday, June 21.

Tea gives Rex the bad news that she can’t find a way to marry him and Gigi at this point on Wednesday, June 22.

The man with Todd Manning’s original face tries to put together this puzzle of the apparent Todd Manning’s life on Thursday, June 23.

Clint prepares his family for a final goodbye. Todd gets Brad’s father alone and makes the unemployed man an offer he can’t refuse on Friday, June 24.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of June 27.

The man with Todd Manning’s original face arrives at Todd’s house, Echo tells Viki that Dorian is responsible for the damage to Clint’s heart, Ford kidnaps Jessica, and a drunken Todd spills the secret of Liam’s paternity.

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