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AMC Previews: Week of June 20


Angie is determined to get her sight back.


Jackson asks “Erica” what David wants, and Erica brushes it off as sharing information, nothing more. “Erica” signs the deal for the hospital. David presses Jane to sell him the hospital. Jane seeks advice from Erica, and Erica warns her about the dangers of dealing with David. Erica tells Jane she knows about the accident and warns her that pretending to be someone she isn’t will not heal her true scars. When “Erica” announces that she and David are co-owners of the hospital, Jackson is shocked and wants to find a loophole to break the contract, but Erica refuses. Jackson catches “Erica” and David at the yacht club sharing a drink, but “Erica” claims it was only sparkling cider. News that David is now co-owner of the hospital rocks the PVH staff. Jake and David almost come to blows. Angie shares the news with Frankie and admits that David is a talented doctor. Krystal and Caleb share their puzzlement that Jackson would just stand by and allow “Erica” to become involved with David. Kendall tells Griffin he must help her stop David from manipulating “Erica”. David informs Greenlee that he bought the hospital to help people and now she can focus on her personal life, then subtly digs that he will always get her in a way Ryan never can. David tells Angie he can restore her sight but Jesse objects. David claims he wants Angie back on staff, but if she keeps allowing others to think for her she will remain “blind as a bat.” Ryan begins to suspect that David may have been involved with Erica’s kidnapping.

Amanda and JR confide in each other about their relationship woes. After talking with Opal and Bianca, Marissa apologizes to JR and tells him their argument was not his fault. Marissa wants to go on a trip with Bianca, who tells her JR is planning a trip for her to the Grand Canyon. Jake decides to tell Amanda the truth about what happened between him and Cara. Amanda confides in Angie, and Angie spills the beans about Jake’s planned surprise trip.


Kendall admits to Griffin that she was running away from him. Krystal resigns her position with Jackson and takes a job with Caleb. Ryan realizes that he’s neglected Greenlee and apologizes. But when Kendall and Griffin find a disoriented Madison alone in the park and take her to Kendall’s, Greenlee’s suspicion and jealous is reignited. Kendall promises Madison she will help her get through this. Randi shares her story about her miscarriage with Madison. Angie interviews Maya for a babysitting position. Colby sings for Asher and he’s blown away. Colby notices more bruises on Maya’s arm.


Erica warns Jane that she is no match for David. She tells Jane she knows about the accident and points out that being her will not take away her pain on Monday, June 20.

“Erica” makes the announcement that David is the perfect partner to help her guide PVH on Tuesday, June 21.

When Marissa tells Bianca she wants to join her on her trip, Bianca says JR planned a trip for him and Marissa to the Grand Canyon and JR plays along on Wednesday, June 22.

Angie assures her husband that David will not control her. David tells Angie he wants her back on staff but if she keeps listening to everyone else she’s going to remain blind as a bat on Thursday, June 23.

Greenlee is surprised to find Madison at Kendall’s. She questions if Madison’s faking being ill but Kendall says no way on Friday, June 17.


Bianca makes a confession to Marissa, Jake suggest he and Amanda have another baby, Dixie stirs in her sleep, and Kendall and Griffin have an awkward goodbye.

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