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AMC Previews: Week of June 27


Dixie’s restless dreams are filled with Tad and JR.



Tad brings Cara a bouquet of flowers and Cara presents Tad with a box she found containing a stuffed animal Dixie once gave to JR. Tad takes the toy to JR for his birthday and they talk about Dixie and how she would feel about their lives and their loves. Tad returns to find Cara dressed up for a celebration, and they toast their three month anniversary. Cara says goodbye to Griffin and he’s surprised she’s not more upset. Cara confirms she is happy with Tad and wants to make their marriage a real one, as Dixie dreams of her wedding to Tad. When Jake leaves with Trevor to continue planning his surprise for Amanda, JR admits to Amanda he was scared she told Jake the truth. Bianca admits her feelings to Marissa, who is flattered but says she is straight. Bianca doesn’t want her feelings to get in the way of their friendship and offers to babysit for AJ while Marissa goes to be with JR on his birthday. Marissa surprises JR with a passionate kiss and they make love, but afterward, Marissa ponders Bianca’s confession. JR and Marissa share the news that they are back together with Bianca and AJ. JR is delighted, while Marissa seems more reserved. JR confides in Tad that his mother would be disappointed in some of the things he’s done lately, but reveals that he and Marissa have reunited. Later as Tad prepares breakfast for Cara, Dixie awakens.

Amanda goes home to find Jake dressed as a pirate, opening a special bottle of wine and she is overcome with emotion at his romantic gesture and bursts into tears. Jake believes her tears are because he hasn’t been showing her how much he loves her, and tells her he wants them to have another baby. As Jake and Amanda begin to make love, she experiences stomach cramps. Amanda pretends she has business with JR, and when she sees him, she expresses concern that they didn’t use protection. JR assures her that their relationships will not be affected by their tryst.


Ryan and Greenlee marry in a surprise wedding. Madison develops a new, edgier and feistier look to accompany her ideas for a new line called “Fierce”. David and Jane sleep together, and Ryan’s continuing investigation into Erica and David turns up evidence that they spent the night together. When Jane tells Erica she slept with David, Erica pushes her. Colby and Asher make their relationship official, and they almost bust Maya’s boyfriend, Mookie, but Maya covers for him. Kendall and Griffith share an awkward goodbye when he leaves for Chile, and Kendall regrets not admitting to Griffith how she feels and asking him to stay.


Amanda arrives home to find Jake dressed up as a pirate and armed with the wine they drank on their first on Monday, June 27.

After making love to JR, Marissa lays awake thinking about Bianca’s admission on Tuesday, June 28.

Ryan surprises Tad by asking if he will marry him and Greenlee today on Wednesday, June 29.

David finds Jane after her chat with Jesse and having dropped her “Erica” persona is nervous again. David pulls her into a kiss and tells Jane he wants her on Thursday, June 30.

Randi is shocked by Madison’s new, fierce, look. Madison’s confident and has a new sense of self. on Friday, July 1.


Ryan’s suspicions of David grow, Jake takes Amanda to the hospital, Marissa cools things off with JR, and Erica begins to work on her book.

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