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AMC Previews: Week of July 4


Everybody is out to get David.


Everybody wants to figure out what David is up to. Kendall is certain there’s an explanation for “Erica” spending the night with David. Jake vents to Jesse about David taking over the hospital and muses that there must be away to kill him and get away with it. Jesse says there are better ways to handle the David problem and asks Jake to keep his eyes and ears open. Ryan tells Jesse about Erica and David spending the night together and they discuss how David is treating Angie’s blindness. David offers Madison some tips on dealing with Greenlee, but she wonders if he’s just using her to get under Greenlee’s skin. Greenlee speculates that “Erica” and David are having an affair. Bianca is shocked to learn that “Erica” spent the night with David and is frustrated that her mother keeps pushing Jackson away. When Angie busts Ryan snooping in David’s office, he admits he is trying to get the goods on David’s business with Erica. Angie agrees to help. David returns to his room to find a scantily clad Jane, looking for love. When he claims he has business to attend to, Jane feels rejected and accuses him of using her. David covers and plays the “I’m falling for you” line and Jane buys it hook line and sinker. Just as David kisses Jane, Jackson shows up and almost catches them. Jackson wants to know how David persuaded “Erica” to work with him all night, and David says he thought she went home. After Jackson leaves, Jane comes out of hiding and David sends her to find Jackson and make up.

JR and Amanda fret over her potential pregnancy. JR tries to persuade Marissa to have a baby with him, but she accuses him of pushing her too far too fast. JR is uncomfortable with taking things slow and talks about his worries with Bianca, who advises him to make Marissa feel loved and wanted. JR confesses to Marissa that Bianca has been helping him woo her. Bianca and her date run into JR and Marissa and Bianca’s date notices the connection between Marissa and Bianca. Bianca’s date cuts their evening short, and Bianca and Marissa come to an agreement that for their friendship’s sake, they need to keep their distance for a spell. Meanwhile, Amanda’s symptoms grow more worrisome. Jake takes her to the hospital where Cara treats her. Amanda’s relief at learning she is not pregnant is short-lived when Cara reveals that her symptoms could be the result of HPV or cervical cancer.


Tad tells Cara that his feelings for her are growing stronger, but he is worried that her feelings are more about gratitude, and he wants to reinforce that their marriage is one of convenience before either of them gets hurt. Kendall is first worried when Ryan tells her that Griffin wasn’t on the plane, but later is delighted to discover that he stayed in Pine Valley . . . for her. When Jane is unconscious from a fall, Erica puts on her clothes and pretends to be her to escape, but her plain fails when Jane comes to. Erica asks for a tape recorder so she can work on a new book. Ben’s sympathies are tweaked as he listens to Erica dictate her life story. Colby’s concerns over Asher’s use of prescription drugs proves well founded. Mookie informs Maya he’s accepted a job and is staying in Pine Valley to be near her.


ENCORE EPISODE: (original airdate 10/6/10)–Kendall and Zach go down memory lane and the history of their relationship on Monday, July 4.

Marissa’s taken aback when JR suggests they have another baby. Jake takes Amanda to get checked ouT at the hospital on Tuesday, July 5.

Cara explains she was crying because she wants Jake and Amanda to be as happy as they are. She’s grateful for all he’s done for her. The two kiss and then Tad asks Cara for a divorce on Wednesday, July 6.

Scott tells JR that he is restoring the guest house so he can move in. He wants to be close to his family similar to how Adam and Stuart lived there together on Thursday, July 7.

Kendall’s surprised when Griffin shows up at her house. He admits he came back to town for her on Friday, July 8.


Greenlee overhears David and Jane making plans, JR buys a bottle of alcohol, Marissa acts impulsively, and Griffin lies to Ryan.

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