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GH Previews: Week of July 4


Josslyn’s custody hearing kicks off.

Jacks Versus Jacks

Sonny and Brenda’s romantic evening is cut short when an apoplectic Carly arrives with news that Jax plans to call both Michael and Morgan to the stand at the custody trial. Sonny turns on Brenda when she tries to defend Jax. Later, Jax warns Shawn he will be cut down to size on the stand. Carly confesses to Jason that she never wants to marry again now that Jax has shown his true colors in this custody case. Carly makes a grave mistake when she loses her temper in front of the court-appointed mediator much to Jax’s delight.

Sonny bursts into the mediation making Jax’s point clearer that Josslyn is in danger. A frustrated Sonny threatens Jax. Brenda finds herself and Alec in trouble. Carly begs Jason not to escalate a mob war at this point in time because it would threaten her custody of Josslyn. Meanwhile, Sonny asks Brenda not to discuss what happened to herself and Alec at the custody hearing. Alexis feels ambivalent about Jax’s case and her involvement in it, so she resigns. Brenda testifies that she and Alec have experienced physical mob violence since she became Mrs. Sonny Corinthos. In judge’s chambers, the mediator makes an important decision for Josslyn.


Lulu gets a view into Luke’s psyche as she works in the whorehouse, but Dante is concerned that she is only hurting herself. Lulu is ready to leave the brothel when Luke calls Javier. Spinelli believes he is the fictional Jackal, P.I. Spinelli nearly goads Sonny into losing it, but Maxie diffuses the situation and assures Sonny that the jackal will retrieve Sonny’s frozen assets. Anthony threatens Kristina but Ethan comes to her rescue. Later, Abby offers to feign dating Ethan behind Michael’s back as a way to convince Kristina that she and Ethan are only friends.

Elizabeth confesses to Siobhan that her error almost resulted in Siobhan’s death. Patrick, Robin, Matt and Steve prepare for questioning from the board as to Elizabeth’s competence. Kristina vents to Michael and commits to winning Ethan. Ethan warns Johnny to keep his father away from Kristina and admits he does care for her. Sam doth protest too much when the question of marriage comes up. Siobhan slaps Elizabeth with a hospital malpractice suit – claiming she purposefully tried to kill her so Lucky would be available. After Lucky returns from a camping trip with Cam and Aiden, Elizabeth asks Lucky for help with Siobhan.


General Hospital re-airs Luke’s intervention from the April 28th episode on Monday, July 4th.

Edward makes a slight threat to Carly as he tries to reclaim Michael as the heir apparent to ELQ on Tuesday, July 5th.

Anthony reveals his ultimate plan to kill Brenda as a means to destroy Sonny and make him bleed on Wednesday, July 6th.

On Anthony’s order, both Brenda and Alec come under gunfire on Thursday, July 7th.

On the heels of Siobhan’s suit, Steven resigns as chief of staff and surprises the hospital with the decision of who his successor will be on Friday, July 8th.


Sonny learns Jax paid off the court-appointed mediator. Brenda reveals her recent attack at the custody hearing. Maxie meddles in Jason and Sam’s discourse on marriage. Asher grows jealous as Edward benefits from Michael’s sound business advice. Ethan feigns interest in Abby and Kristina isn’t buying what he’s selling. Someone dies during Lulu’s mission to find Luke. Brenda is horrified at Sonny’s actions.

AMC Previews: Week of July 4

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