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OLTL Previews: Week of July 11


The man with Todd Manning’s original face comes to Llanfair.


The man with Todd Manning’s original face arrives at Llanfair and is about to reveal himself to Viki, but finds her with the other Todd and pulls back. When Todd returns to his office, he and Jack have a discussion and Todd reveals that he’s keeping a secret from John McBain about Liam. Todd gives Jack an assignment, looking into the company that is interfering with his business operations, Origami Cogs. When the man with Todd Manning’s original face breaks into Todd’s office to search for information, he’s interrupted, and thinking he’s about to get busted by Todd, he attacks Jack instead. Echo overhears Rex plotting to get back at Todd and Jack by hurting Blair and Tea, but he covers and explains that his plan is to hit Todd’s financial interests instead by using a new company he’s formed. Blair and Tea tell Starr their condolences to Rex were not well received, and Starr tells them about Sam’s strange behavior, and that his new imaginary friend has a scar on his face. When Blair learns about the dead body found at La Boulaise she makes a connection to Sam and his “imaginary friend”, and takes him to the police station. Jack identifies Agent Kent, but clarifies that Kent tried to kill him and his imaginary friend saved him. The Mannings gather at Todd’s to celebrate Sam’s birthday, and the man with Todd Manning’s original face arrives at the party dressed as a superhero. When it’s time to serve the birthday cake, Sam is missing. Natalie delivers her forensics analysis which yielded an encrypted file similar to those of Tomas and Todd.

When Natalie informs Jessica that she and Brody are together, Jessica responds by slapping Natalie. Viki tells Jessica that Bree witnessed the altercation and Jessica goes to check on her daughter. At the police station, John asks Brody about the missing tape recorder, which Brody produces but when they try to play the tape, it is blank. Natalie discovers the tape recorder and begins to have flashes of memories from when she and Marty were arguing on the roof, but when John returns the memories fade. Natalie asks John about the tape recorder and he tells her Brody may have the answers she’s looking for. John and Brody are called away to investigate a dead body David and Dorian have found at La Boulaise. When they arrive Dorian alerts them to the gun and a note she discovered that indicates David killed the man (Agent Kent) but the evidence is insufficient to make an arrest. When John and Brody return to the station, Natalie presses Brody for answers about the tape recorder, and when John has more questions, Brody becomes defensive, arousing John’s suspicions.


When Bo presses Rex to confide in him, Rex’s angry outburst reveals his rage at everyone who covered up for Jack. Baz continues to snoop on Tomas and Todd and discovers more information about their connection which he shares with Starr. Vivian pieces together the truth about Destiny’s condition. Destiny overhears Nate and Deanna making plans to meet at the Minuteman Motel. Bo and Nora discover evidence that may lead them to Matthew’s attacker. Nate and Deanna feel they have no choice but to do as Rick demands. Dani shows up, just as Rick is directing Nate and Deanna in their first porn scene. Dorian evicts David from La Boulaise. Viki promises to help David find out who is setting him up. David has a theory that Echo is behind his problems, but when he and Viki show up to explain their suspicions to Dorian, she is nowhere to be found.


Natalie seems to be on the verge of remembering everything when John returns and Natalie’s memories of the incident disappear on Monday, July 11.

Viki and Todd try to figure out who broke the photo of him. David interrupts, blaming Viki for his problems with Dorian on Tuesday, July 12.

Ford comes over with visitation papers. Jessica is hostile at first but warms up and asks him what he loved about Tess and They bond slightly on Wednesday, July 13.

Rick has obtained information on Deanna’s mother but will only relinquish it in exchange for her performance in a porn. Nate and Deanna feel compelled to do as Rick asks on Thursday, July 14.

Dressed as a superhero, the man with Todd’s original face infiltrates Sam’s birthday party, covertly interacting with Todd, Blair, Tea and their children as well as Tomas and Baz on Friday, July 15.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of July 18.

Todd and the man with his original face meet, John is concerned about the lengths Rex might go to for revenge, Brody tries to strong arm Vimal into silence, and Tea vows to throw Tomas out of her home unless he reveals what he is hiding.

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