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GH Previews: Week of July 18


Sonny finally loses big when Brenda calls it quits.

Bye Bye Brenda

Brenda sends shockwaves through Port Charles when she announces she is leaving Sonny after what he did to Jax. As Brenda comforts Jax in jail, Carly questions Sonny’s methods. Carly tells Sonny that she would have liked Sonny to have taken less extreme measures to win her custody of Josslyn. Later, Jax, Brenda, Sonny and Carly share a heated argument outside the courthouse. Not surprisingly, a verdict is leveled and in light of recent events, Carly gains sole custody of Josslyn.

Sonny remains determined not to lose Brenda, no matter how upset she currently is over his maneuvers. Brenda is adamant that she will never come home with him. A devastated Jax levels awful insults Carly’s way as Sonny fights to hold onto the woman he loves. Jax makes plans to leave Port Charles, and Brenda catches Carly and Sonny in a familiar situation. Jax says goodbye to Michael, Morgan and Josslyn. Meanwhile, Brenda returns her rings to Sonny. Devastated and heartbroken, Sonny finds little comfort from either Carly or Robin. Brenda jets off on a plane with two surprising passengers leaving Port Charles in her dust.


Carly, Kristina and Ethan set out to find the “kidnapped” Morgan, Molly and Josslyn. Kristina finds the children. Dante saves Lulu from being raped by Javier. Jason invites Sam for a romantic rooftop dinner. Sam confides in Alexis the possibility that she is getting married. Maxie accidentally drops Sam’s ring off the balcony. In private, Siobhan attacks Elizabeth for putting on an act of kindness.

Sam accepts Jason’s proposal. Dante crosses with Helena as Lulu eavesdrops. Mac assigns Lucky a major case with missing prescription drugs and Elizabeth tries to help his investigation. Siobhan considers refilling her malpractice suit. Newly minted Chief of Staff Robin becomes a nightmare to Patrick, Matt and Steve. Anthony Zacchara makes an appearance at ELQ. Asher casts aspersions on Michael and Abby to Tracy. Spinelli gives terrible advice on what to do about Robin to Matt and Maxie.


Fruitless in the search for her father, Lulu decides to set fire to the Bordello in typical Spencer fashion on Monday, July 18th.

Elizabeth and Lucky celebrate Aiden’s first birthday and Liz extends an invite to Siobhan on Tuesday, July 19th.

Jason picks out an engagement ring for Sam with Maxie’s assistance on Wednesday, July 20th.

Having proven losers in love, Jax and Brenda leave Port Charles together on Thursday, July 21st.

Dante and Lulu leave Florida and find themselves in a cave on Cassadine Island on Friday, July 22nd.


Patrick uses his charms to divert Robin’s attention from her Chief of Staff duties. Lucky is tempted by an old drug dealer. Helena threatens Lulu. Steve and Olivia make love. Elizabeth and Monica discuss Jake. Carly is shocked by Elizabeth’s news that Sam and Jason are engaged.

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