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GH Previews: Week of July 25


Elizabeth works to keep Lucky from giving in to temptation.

Your Love is My Drug

Determined to help him, Elizabeth battles to keep working at the hospital as Lucky investigates his newly assigned drug case. Siobhan is less than pleased with Elizabeth’s antics and is fearful that Lucky will start using drugs. Later, Siobhan confides in Ethan. Elizabeth breaks down after having a flashback of Jake. On Cassadine Island, Lulu storms in as Helena goes cougar on Dante. Helena cuts Lulu down to size with the idea that all men leave and Luke is no exception. Helena makes a decision whether to take Lulu to see Luke. Siobhan discovers Elizabeth in an emotional upheaval. Later, Elizabeth goes to Jason for comfort. Elsewhere, Lucky and Siobhan fight over Liz’s involvement in the drug case.

Later, Lucky is tempted by his old drug dealer as Siobhan and Elizabeth show down on the hospital rooftop. Helena physically threatens Lulu. Elizabeth levels Siobhan with her lack of faith in Lucky. Meanwhile, Lucky indeed toys with his old addiction. Helena eggs Nikolas on as he tries to reconcile with his sister. Lulu finally decides to go home – without her father – but someone is following her. Elizabeth follows up on suspicious activity at the hospital, only to be called out on overzealousness. Siobhan witnesses a tender moment between Elizabeth and Lucky, and gets hit by a sudden headache and another medical ailment. Meanwhile, Anthony sets drugs in Lucky’s path.


Jackal, P.I. pursues his bakery case as Maxie tries to lure him back to the computer. Later, Jason and Sam discuss their engagement and its impact on the rest of Port Charles. Epiphany crashes Patrick and Robin’s rendezvous. Kristina suffers a dizzy spell. Elizabeth and Monica finally discuss Jake. Olivia fixes Steve’s air but instead the two turn up the heat. An anxious Alexis shows up on Jason & Sam’s doorstep hyperventilating over being Jason’s mother-in-law.

Shawn drops in on Carly and Jossyln with intentions of saying goodbye. However, Jax has not forgotten about his baby girl. Michael and Abby try to track down Sonny, who has been missing since Brenda left him. Maxie and Jackal, P.I. get stuck in the sewer as she looks for Sam’s missing engagement ring, but the familiar situation does not jog Spinelli’s memory of his identity. Anthony continues to try make inroads with Tracy. When we see Sonny again, he looks like hell, mourning the demise of his marriage.


Patrick tries to get Robin’s mind off of her Chief of Staff responsibilities and they hit the hospital sheets on Monday, July 25th.

Monica, finally in the know about Jake’s paternity, busts in on Jason and Sam on Tuesday, July 26th.

Kristina asks Johnny to fire Ethan on Wednesday, July 27th.

Anthony pays Tracy a visit and it seems the two share common interests on Thursday, July 28th.

Robin and Carly are on the verge of a food fight on Friday, July 29th.


Lucky has drug-induced hallucinations of emotional moments past. Carly is angered by Jason & Sam’s engagement. Lulu and Dante return. Anthony calls Skye to invite her home. Matt begs Patrick to put his foot down with Robin. A drugged up Lucky stumbles upon the Church where he and Elizabeth exchanged vows. Elizabeth and Siobhan are on the verge of a showdown. Matt and Maxie discuss their relationship in spite of Spinelli. Jax returns. A major accident hits Port Charles.

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