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OLTL Previews: Week of July 25


Drama surrounds “Vicker Man” premier.


Todd and Baker’s argument is interrupted by Dorian. Baker convinces Dorian he’s consulting with Todd about amping up security. When Baker gets a call telling him the man with Todd’s original face is still alive, he exits. Meanwhile the man with Todd’s original face is seeking John’s help. When John and the man with Todd Manning’s original face are shot at, John’s doubts about his story are erased, and John takes him to the Angel Square Hotel. Tea appears at John’s room wanting to talk to John, forcing the man with Todd Manning’s original face to conceal himself as she reveals that Tomas was a CIA operative. She further imparts that Tomas was on the scene at Todd’s shooting, but he was there to protect Todd. John takes a DNA sample from the man with Todd’s original face and tells him not to leave the room at Angel Square Hotel. John then goes to Todd’s office to obtain a DNA sample from him, and Todd finds him there. John gives an explanation and leaves, but while he was out, the man with Todd’s original face took a call from Tomas and pretended to be John. Tea and Dani interrupt Tomas’s phone conversation and he and “John” agree to meet at the gala later. When John returns home, the man with Todd Manning’s original face tells him he impersonated him on the phone and committed him to attending the gala. Todd and his family arrive at the gala as the man with Todd Manning’s original face watches them walk the red carpet on television. The man with Todd’s original face is intercepted by Baker before he reaches the gala. Baker plans to kill the man with Todd’s original face, then ambush John and Tomas at the Palace, but the man with Todd’s original face overpowers him and takes his tuxedo and gun. At the Palace, Tomas tells John that he was mixed up with some bad people through his work at the CIA and that Todd was also involved.

Meanwhile, the two Todd’s aren’t the only drama surrounding the gala. Rex is infuriated to see the Manning family enjoying the gala on television. Rex appears at the gala dressed for the event and packing a gun, determined to get revenge. When the movie begins airing, the audience is treated to “Hold the Diploma” instead of “Vicker Man”. Vimal’s parents discover the truth about Rama’s pregnancy in an embarrassing mishap. David, Dorian and Markko persuade Rick to return “Vicker Man”.


Natalie and Brody decide to move in together, but not at the Angel Square Hotel. Vimal agrees to keep Brody’s secret about Liam. Viki forgoes the gala to spend time with Clint before he goes to Statesville. Starr and Baz kiss. Markko and Starr talk about Baz. Markko enjoys his success while Ford is reduced to waiting tables.


The man with Todd’s original face seeks help from John McBain on Monday, July 25.

Viki takes note of the continuing thaw between Jessica and Ford on Tuesday, July 26.

Rex demands that Clint tell Dorian to drop the charges against Echo or he’ll bring charges against her for leaving him to die. Clint agrees but is troubled by Rex’s coldness on Wednesday, July 27.

Blair is wearing earrings Todd gave her for their first wedding. Todd doesn’t recognize them but the man with Todd’s original face does on Thursday, July 28.

The premiere of “Vicker Man: The David Vickers Buchanan Story” does not go off without a hitch. All are treated to Nate’s stirring performance of a randy grad on Friday, July 29.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of August 1.

Rex has a shocking vision, Bo and Nora rethink their decision to let Clint take the fall for Eddie’s murder, Todd’s children have different reactions to learning of the man with Todd Manning’s original face and John holds the answer to who is the real Todd Manning.

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