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GH Previews: Week of August 1


Elizabeth and Siobhan feud over Lucky with dangerous consequences.


Lucky suffers emotionally from drug-induced hallucinations. Elsewhere, Ethan discovers Siobhan suffering from a nosebleed. Elizabeth finds Lucky, and the way she helps him mirrors how he saved her after the rape. Lulu and Dante finally return home to Port Charles. Later, Dante stumbles upon a very high Lucky. Paranoid and delusional, Lucky takes off after knocking Dante unconscious. Lucky contemplates going over a cliff.

Refusing to give up on him, Elizabeth searches for Lucky. Meanwhile, Lucky makes his way to the abandoned church where he and Liz exchanged vows 12 years earlier. Dante also searches for Lucky. Later, Elizabeth and Siobhan are about to have a showdown over Lucky’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Lucky remains in peril and he flashes back to major highlights of his relationship with Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Siobhan argue about Lucky, the pair of them struggle as Siobhan falls down a flight of stairs. Horrified, Elizabeth rushes Siobhan to the hospital with another tragic turn.


Carly is followed by a looming presence – unbeknownst to her, Jax is back in town. Sonny returns home and destroys the bedroom he shared with Brenda. Robin visits Sonny and brings Brenda’s letter with her. Lulu and Tracy discuss their feelings about Luke’s disappearance. Anthony plots his next move with Sonny, Lucky and Tracy. Spinelli remains insufferable as Maxie tries her best to escape the sewer. Michael and Abby spend a romantic day on the island. Skye beelines it for Edward and Tracy.

Sonny confides in Jason, but he remains angry that Brenda left with Jax. Sonny and Johnny face off at a warehouse. Matt and Maxie talk about their relationship in spite of Spinelli. Patrick arranges a spa day for Robin, but Robin has plans of her own. Olivia helps Carly out with a fundraiser at the Metro Court. Jason and Sam start planning their wedding with the first step being setting a date. Worried about Josslyn, Carly convinces Jason to investigate with her. Skye reveals to Carly that Jax is back in town. Meanwhile, Jax finally gets to Josslyn. Olivia and Sonny have a heart to heart. Later, Olivia and Sonny find themselves in danger!


Carly storms in on Jason and Sam and is outraged to learn that they are engaged on Monday, August 1st.

Anthony makes a phone call to Skye and invites her to come home to Port Charles on Tuesday, August 2nd.

After Matt begs him to intercede, Patrick “kidnaps” Robin on Wednesday, August 3rd.

A desperate Jax is spotted by Skye back in Port Charles on Thursday, August 4th.

Jax seizes an opportunity and takes Josslyn as a major car accident impacts some of the residents of Port Charles on Friday, August 5th.


Sam gets a phone call from Monica. Lulu becomes the center of Jackal P.I.’s attention. Jax and Shawn face off. Carly is determined to get to Josslyn. Michael demonstrates some of Sonny’s qualities. Sonny pulls a gun on Jax as he is boarding a plane. Anthony orders a hit. Dante races off to prevent a tragedy. Alexis and Diane are stranded at Jake’s. Sonny arrives at Robin’s house with murderous intent.

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