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OLTL Previews: Week of August 1


Rex has visions of Gigi.


As the shock of seeing the man with Todd’s original face fades, Todd’s family demands answers. Todd insists the man with his original face is an imposter. The man with Todd’s original face pleads with Starr and Jack to believe in him. Starr is confused, while Jack sides with Todd. Blair and Tea are at a loss. When Baker refuses to answer John’s questions, the man with Todd’s original face pulls a gun and is arrested. Before he’s taken away however, he shows Blair a picture of their wedding and insists they are married and kisses her. One by one, Todd’s loved ones confront the man with Todd’s original face in his jail cell. Tomas and Todd each tell their stories of involvement in the CIA. Todd continues to insist he is the real Todd and he doesn’t know who the imposter is. Tomas, on the other hand, eventually is forced to admit he doesn’t know who is the real Todd. The feds force John to release Baker to them before he can get any answers. The man with Todd’s original face learns Starr has a baby and they share an emotional moment that leaves Starr torn. Tea argues with the validity of the DNA results, but John calls a meeting with Todd’s family and prepares to reveal the results.

In the aftermath of the confusion at the premier, Rex rethinks his revenge plot. He goes home and confesses to Gigi’s picture. Echo shows up to express her gratitude to Rex for getting the charges dropped against her. Rex tells her he almost exacted his revenge against Todd and his family, and says he saw Gigi. A concerned Echo tells Rex she understands why he would conjure up Gigi’s image, but Rex insists she was real. Later Rex sees Gigi again, but she disappears before he can catch up to her. Echo worries that Rex is losing his mind.


Clint is released from the hospital and appears in court to be arraigned on charges. Nora explains to the judge why she isn’t prosecuting Clint for Eddie Ford’s murder, but Clint pleads guilty to the other charges and the judge holds him in jail until he can stand trial. Meanwhile, when David offers Bo a stick of gum and tells him that Nate gave it to him, Bo figures out that Nate is responsible for Matthew’s injury. Shawn, Vivian, Dani and Destiny meet at Vivian’s office where Destiny’s pregnancy is confirmed.


Bo and Nora arrive home from a visit with Matthew. Destiny shows up, hungry for news about Matthew on Monday, August 1.

Dorian warns Echo that although she had the charges against her dropped, she plans to run her out of town on Tuesday, August 2.

Téa confronts the man with Todd’s original face at his jail cell. He insists that he is the true Todd Manning and presses his claim on that life – including paternity of Danielle on Wednesday, August 3.

Viki’s stunned to see the man with Todd’s original face. He emotionally pleads with her to believe he’s really her brother on Thursday, August 4.

Todd is unhappy to learn Starr isn’t sure if he’s the real Todd and grateful Jack is. He’s worried that Tea isn’t totally convinced on Friday, August 5.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of August 8.

John reveals the results of the DNA test to Todd’s family, Nora has important news to share with Bo, David has information that may shed some light on the Todd Manning mystery.

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