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OLTL Previews: Week of September 12


Clint’s former mistresses make an acquaintance.


Suspects in Victor’s murder continue to cover their tracks. After a prickly reunion, Todd confides in Natalie. When Todd expresses his belief that Jack needs him right now, Natalie breaks the news about Jack’s involvement in Gigi’s death, which further impresses upon Todd the urgency of building a bond with Jack. Natalie tells Brody she believes Todd is innocent. Starr tries to convince Jack to give Todd a chance. Jack eavesdrops on a private conversation between Starr and Shaun. Shaun is later about to confide in Brody, but Rex interrupts. Rex tries to get Shaun to open up. John and Bo question whether or not they should arrest Todd based on Jack’s suspicious account of Victor’s murder. Blair questions Tomas about his potential involvement in Victor’s murder. Echo and Roxy desperately try to find Morris and the gun hidden inside, and finally resort to reporting Morris stolen. Cutter and Aubrey are shocked to discover the gun inside Morris. Cutter agrees to Aubrey’s demand that he turn the gun over to the police; however, he intends to hold on to the gun. Later, when Kim realizes the significance of the gun and its potential hold over Rex, she tries to break into Cutter’s room to get Morris, and comes face-to-face with Echo. The two realize they share a common link, as Clint’s former mistresses, and Kim agrees to let Echo have the gun for a price. Shaun overhears Jack calling the LVPD to see if Todd is being arrested. Tea and Todd come face-to-face at the church. Following Victor’s funeral, Todd reaches out to Jack at Victor’s gravesite, just as officers arrive to arrest him.


Rex sees Gigi again and consults Delphina to help him unlock the mystery of why she is appearing to him. Rex discovers that Kim has mysterious friend in a hospital in Kentucky and wonders if this may lie at the center of what Gigi wants him to learn. Clint remains determined to help Kim’s friend inspite of Kim’s refusal, and Rex agrees to help. Cutter is nervous when he finds Kim with Aubrey. Tea and Dani struggle to get through Victor’s funeral. Mrs. Evans asks Tea’s advice on how to deal with Nora. Destiny visits Greg, who has a surprising prognosis about Matthew.


Echo and Roxy are frantic to find Morris the Porcupine with Rex’s gun hidden inside, not realizing Cutter has it on Monday, September 12.

Shane is about to reveal something to Rex about his involvement with Jack when Bo and Nora interrupt. Shane and Rex learn about Destiny’s pregnancy on Tuesday, September 13.

Starr shares the good news that a producer wants to record her song … but the bad news is that the producer is Rick Powers. Unbeknownst to them, however, Baz speaks with Rick on the phone and promises to work on Starr on Wednesday, September 14.

On the day of Victor’s funeral, Tea can’t get dressed but Blair pulls her together and helps her get ready on Thursday, September 15.

The Mannings and Delgados are in the aftermath of the funeral. Tea excused herself from the burial and has retreated to the church. There, she comes face-to-face with Todd on Friday, September 16.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of September 19.

Brody pops a question to Natalie, someone learns the identity of Kim’s friend, Blair has a plan to get the truth from Jack.

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