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GH Previews: Week of September 12


Johnny’s life is on the line when Sonny gets bad news about Kristina.


The week begins as Shawn steps in when an exchange between Sonny and Carly gets heated. Kelly Sullivan debuts as the new Kate Howard, who is back in Port Charles – and with all her regular demands. Sonny overhears what has caused Kristina’s condition. Sonny lashes out and heads right for Johnny. Can Olivia stop Sonny from killing Johnny? Dante questions Anthony and Johnny about Luzetta’s, only to discover that Sonny is dismantling the peace between the two families.

Anthony sees a new side to his son while Michael won’t give up on Sonny. Patrick and Matt have a negative run-in with Anthony. Johnny pays Kristina a visit, but Sonny loses it when Kristina sends her father away. Kate and Olivia discuss their Falconeri past and the man they shared, Sonny Corinthos. Dante and Sonny throw down. Kate and Olivia discuss Sonny again – just as Sam and her wedding gowns arrive. Sonny and Kate finally come face to face.


Anthony sits down with an entrapped Tracy. Spinelli is back to his old self, but does he remember all the clues Jackal, P.I., uncovered at Luzetta’s? Lulu and Olivia have a heart-to-heart. Maxie ends up in jeopardy outside of the bakery. Patrick and Robin get interrupted but end up having make-up sex. Tracy advises Lulu as Lucky begs Dante not to give up on his sister. Kristina takes a turn for the worse.

Shawn comforts a distraught Molly outside of Kristina’s hospital room. Lulu and Lucky discuss Luke’s addiction and her relationship with Dante. Spinelli visits Jason with news of Luzetta’s and Sam’s engagement ring. Jason has an important question for Spinell. Luke overhears Lulu and Ethan talking about life since their father disappeared. Dante finds Lulu in a compromising position.


Skye exposes Tracy’s dirty mob past to Edward on Monday, September 12th.

Lucky figures out Siobhan’s “Luz” clue and seeks out Elizabeth and Maxie on Tuesday, September 13th.

Luke returns to Port Charles and is faced with an emotional challenge from Skye on Wednesday, September 14th.

Carly walks in on Shawn freshly out of the shower on Thursday, September 15th.

Elizabeth and Maxie work to escape separate dangers as Lucky and Spinelli follow their own leads on Friday, September 16th.


Luke is watching Tracy, unbeknownst to her. Elizabeth and Maxie are in danger. Franco returns to Port Charles. Johnny cleans up Anthony’s mess. Maxie deals with wedding disasters. Dante gets advice from Olivia. Something odd happens at Wyndemere. What do Jason and Sam decide to share with their family and friends? Lucky’s addiction haunts him.

AMC Previews: Week of September 12

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