Y&R Exodus: Rogers, Riegel, Flanery & McCrary Out?

Tristan Rogers and Eden Riegel are among the list of stars fired byThe Young and the Restless.

It looks like The Young and the Restless has decided to start spring cleaning a few months late.  Last night on Twitter,Tristan Rogers (Colin) tweeted, “Seems like Colin is leaving GC.” Soaps In Depth wrote on Facebook that they had heard the actor would be leaving the series sometime last week.  It turns out he isn’t the only one leaving.

Earlier today, SID revealed that an additional three stars have also been let go according to their sources. Joining the “now leaving Genoa City” train is Eden Riegel (Heather), Sean Patrick Flanery (Sam) and Darius McCrary (Malcolm). McCrary has been on the show the longest, joining Y&R in November 2009. Riegel took over the role of Heather from Vail Bloom in the spring of 2010. Rogers was cast in October 2010; Flanery in March 2011.

Riegel addressed the rumors of her exit on Twitter earlier today, writing, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. I hope.” A few hours later, the actress addressed the rumors again, downplaying reports. “It’s not for me to say they’re wrong but I have not been told of my departure. Boy would that be embarrassing!” An hour later, the actress confirmed she had indeed been let go. “Oops. I take it back. Apparently my run on Y&R is soon coming to an end. It was a fun ride!” Riegel says she was “a bit bummed” by the news, but looking at her son Jack “makes it hard to be bummed about anything.”

Reps from Y&R had no comment.

Editor’s POV: What is there to say? I’d much rather see Rogers return to General Hospital as Robert Scorpio now that a more talented, competent head writer is in charge.  A role that started out with much promise turned into a campy, plot-driven mess upon the on-screen debut of Genie Francis as Colin’s estranged wife Genevieve.

As for Riegel, she was given a raw deal. The actress was never really given a story worthy of her talents and the show rarely played to her strengths as an actress. Would it be nepotism if she was cast on her husband’s new CW show The Secret Circle?