Eric Martsolf on the New 'DAYS' and Brady Black's Complicated Love Life


Days of our Lives star Eric Martsolf (Brady) discusses what’s in store for his character, the dysfunctional relationship between Brady and Nicole, and the road not traveled between Brady and Chloe.

Don’t think you’re the only one anticipating for the reboot of Days of our Lives on September 26. Eric Martsolf and the rest of the cast at DAYS are just excited as you for the changes that have already happened and what’s in store in the future.

Brady’s had his share of ups and downs this year, most of them due to his nemesis EJ DiMera. The feud between the two men escalated this summer when Brady viscously attacked EJ for his involvement in the death of Brady’s ex-fiancée Arianna, sparking a mob war between the Kiriakis and DiMera families. The families have since called a truce and Brady reunited with his on-again, off-again flame Nicole Walker.

The reunion between Brady and Nicole will be short lived, as the vixen will be drawn back into EJ’s orbit this fall, leaving Brady a single man, but he won’t be for long! Brady is expected to tangle up with Salem newcomer, cosmetic CEO Madison James (played by Sarah Joy Brown). But just because there’s a new lady in Brady’s future, doesn’t mean the ones of his past or present can be counted out fully. The actor spoke with today about what’s in store for his character this fall, and the many beautiful women in Brady’s harem.

TVSource Magazine: It’s been an interesting couple of months at Days of our Lives. New writers and new producers have been brought in. How have changes been for you?
Eric Martsolf:
It’s actually been pretty smooth considering all the upheaval we’ve been going through lately. I don’t think there’s ever been a change like this in production history as far as how much we’ve done. I have to give props to the production team for having the courage to do this because I think it’s actually paying dividends as we speak. The excitement factor around the studio around this whole reboot is tremendous. It’s really created a positive vibe that’s very pervasive in our community right now. We’re having a good time. The old forces are meeting the new forces and we’re coming together creating something really special.

TVSource Magazine: How does Brady fit into DAYS 2.0? What, if any, changes will you bring acting wise to the character?
Well the acting style will hopefully stay the same [Laughs]. As far as the changes for Brady, heck he’s currently on air going through a giant change as far as his temperament and his heart is concerned. He’s showing a lot of vulnerability lately being at Chloe’s bedside and worried about his ex-wife passing on. I mean that’s been pretty horrific for him. He’s coming out of that dark place and he’s very heartfelt and mournful right now. As far as the reboot is concerned he has a couple of surprises. He gets his father back which is a huge one. I literally only got a few weeks with Drake Hogestyn before he left the canvas for a while. The dynamic between John Black and Brady Black is going to be something I don’t think fans felt or expected, so there’s some interesting surprises in that department. And what do you know; Brady’s got a new chick coming into his life. And I say chick in the nicest way because she’s being portrayed by Sarah Joy Brown, who’s just been splendid. She’s really done her homework bringing Madison James to the table. This is one tough girl that I think women and men alike are going to find very attractive and a terrific addition to the show.

TVSource Magazine: You kind of answered a couple of questions just with that [Laughs].
I answered forty-two questions in one statement didn’t I? [Laughs]

TVSource Magazine: Let’s talk about the women in Brady’s life.
[Laughs] Sure why not.

TVSource Magazine: The relationship between Brady and Chloe hasn’t really been played up in recent years.
At all…

TVSource Magazine: Not at all. Your work, by the way, during the Brady/Chloe scenes in the hospital has been fantastic. Would you have liked to have seen that relationship played up more?
Absolutely! You have to have understand, when I first took over the role of Brady, I was told specifically that I was coming on to be with Chloe and re-establish that relationship. And sure enough, they had me with Nicole by the third taping day [Laughs]. It is something that Nadia [Bjorlin] and I have wanted. It’s kind of been Nadia and mines joke the past couple years how the writers have just been scared to put us together because the chemistry is just too ridiculous. They wouldn’t be able to handle it [Laughs]. It’s better late than never I guess. I know there is a strong “Broe” following as they call themselves. They’ve been very loud and very hopeful the last of couple years. Nadia and I have both been thrilled that we’ve been able to at least give these fans a moment in the sun so to speak for their favorite team. It’s been a great time. Nadia and I are terrific friends and we work really well together so we were very happy to fit it in at the end.

TVSource Magazine: As soon as we mentioned on Twitter we were interviewing you, they were like “Ask him about Broe! Tell him how much we love them together. These scenes are long overdue.” I’m like I’ll certainly bring that up.

TVSource Magazine: Now when you got your scripts for what’s airing now, what went through your mind when you read some of the dialog you would have to say? Were you happy?
Yeah I remember Nadia and I got our script on the same day. We met out in the all way and were like “Thank god!” We were both ecstatic they were finally they were going to get to show this connection. I found it very sincere how Brady finally just unleashed all this pent up emotion that he’s had for this woman he loved for so long. I thought it was very reminiscent of real life. So often, as people we do have break-ups, we have divorces and it doesn’t always work out. And then you go off you live your life and you meet new people. But when you hear something catastrophic or horrific that has happened to that person in question, it kind of brings back all those feelings and you remember all those qualities that you loved about the person to begin with. And that stuff doesn’t really go away when you’ve shared that much life with somebody. I felt it was very genuine and I don’t think it came out of the blue that Brady felt all these things. I think they’ve just always been there and it was just the right time to come out. It’s unfortunate that it takes terrible things to bring out good things in people sometimes, but that’s the way the world works sometimes.

TVSource Magazine: It was very true to life. Then there’s Nicole. The ever-so-dysfunctional relationship of Brady and Nicole is one of my favorites.
Mine too man [Laughs].

TVSource Magazine: Why, why, why does Brady keep taking her back even though she breaks his heart?
Well here’s my theory and tell me if you agree. Brady is an addict right? He’s addicted to substances, he’s addicted to power. He’s willing to take his grandfather’s company out from under him because he loves power so much. And he loves women. Nicole is like a drug to Brady. No matter how many times she dumps him [Laughs] and goes back to EJ for a while and then she comes back. It just seems like Brady cannot say no. She’s just one of those women that he shares so many similar qualities with and gels with so easily. They just have a lot of fun together. They have great sex, they have a great friendship, they drink well together, I mean these aren’t always the best qualities but they are qualities that they have in common and that they enjoy in each other. So I think their relationship is a lot of fun and I think it’s fun to watch, but it’s a tough thing to think long-term about because they have such destructive personalities these two people. It makes for good drama.

TVSource Magazine: It certainly does. You and Ari [Zucker] are fantastic together.
Thank you.

TVSource Magazine: Given how you described their relationship, is there a future for Brady and Nicole?
Well I never say never anymore. I’ve been doing soaps long enough to know you never say words like “always.” You never say words like “never” because you always end up being wrong. I think there’s always a door there. It’s like the door in your house in the basement that you don’t go in a lot. You kind of put your Christmas ornaments down there, you use it for storage. But once you open that door and you see all this stuff that you loved so much…yeah I don’t know, it’ll always be there and always ready to be opened. They don’t have any finality attached to these two characters, there’s always hope for them. I know there’s a fan base called “Bricole.” They’re very loud as well. They give “Broes” a run for their money. It’s a lot of fun to see the fans root.

TVSource Magazine: Then there’s another woman in Brady’s harem. He’s got like a flock of women just waiting to get with him you know.
It ain’t bad to be Brady [Laughs].

TVSource Magazine: It’s not at all [Laughs]. What’s the deal with Brady and Melanie? You and Molly have great chemistry. The previous writers flirted with them a couple of years ago and then they were like “No, no, they’re better off as friends.” There seems to be this unresolved “thing” between Brady and Melanie. A lot of people want to know if or when it’ll be resolved! Where do you stand on them?
Brady and Melanie are an interesting pair. The one thing I love about Brady and Melanie is that it wasn’t an instant thing. It wasn’t instant oatmeal so to speak. So often I think in this genre, people bump into each other and they’re “magically” attracted. What is that? That bugs me; I don’t find the realism in that. I like that Brady and Melanie started as buddies, and then they became friends, and then they became a little more than friends. It was a very natural progression, with what initially seemed like a brotherly/sisterly dynamic. I think that’s the way it’s supposed to feel in the beginning when two people are getting to know each other. It was just natural to me. I liked it. And there are things in their way. Is there an age difference? Of course there is but what is that? Age is a number. When two people are into each other, there’s nothing that stands in their way. Is there a future? I don’t know that’s a very interesting question. I would never rule it out. They’ve helped each other out so much that there’s just a mutual respect and love that they do have for one another and that can always grow.

TVSource Magazine: The rivalry between EJ and Brady was definitely kicked into overdrive when Brady beat EJ within an inch of his life. Is the feud between EJ and Brady and by extension, the DiMeras and Kiriakis family going to continue?
I hope so. I’m a big fan of the Godfather movies and I love the family vs. family dynamic. I think it is a driving force of Days of our Lives and it can be utilized very well. I think that Daryl and Marlene, the new head writers, will always be able to have that in their back pocket and use it when they need to. That animosity isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Brady and EJ just love to butt horns and it’s always fun to watch when they do. I think the beating was pretty excessive. But I also thought it was not completely unjustified. They made a point in that scene to have Brady audibly say something that EJ had some to him every time he punched him or kicked him. “This one’s for Sami. This one’s for hurting Nicole. This is for the second time you hurt Nicole. This one’s for Arianna.” He really has crossed Brady a lot. It really was a brutal scene but one in which I thought was not out of place considering the circumstances.

TVSource Magazine: Last question. The ACME Comedy Theater has become a favorite place for the DAYS stars to try their hand at improve comedy. Do you plan on hosting any more shows there?
Oh god I love ACME. That comedy place is the best. I think I’ve done it two, maybe three times. I’m sharing the pie; I don’t want to overstay my welcome over there. Whenever they ask me back I’m the first one to join on. I can’t say no to that place. It’s just too much fun as an actor. I’m always humbled by the talents of those people over there. I think Molly Burnett’s doing something over there this Saturday night so go out and see here.

TVSource Magazine: We’ll definitely be there. We love Molly.
: She will not disappoint. Everyone will enjoy it.

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