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GH Previews: Week of September 19


The ultimate stage 5 clinger, Franco, returns to crash Jason & Sam’s wedding!


Sam catches Jason red handed as he practices walking down the aisle. Maxie plunges right back into wedding preparations without the ring (again). James Franco returns as the devious artist with a man-crush on Jason to spoil the impending nuptials. Franco is in his gallery, none too pleased that he never received an invitation to Jason and Sam’s wedding. Wedding planner Maxie has her hands full with wedding disasters. As Sam and Jason entertain visits from Edward, Monica, Elizabeth and Carly, Franco plots his return to Port Charles. Sam is in tears – can she go through with the wedding?

Jason calms Sam down from her wedding jitters, and they go for a motorcycle ride. As Maxie troubleshoots wedding details, ex-lover Franco makes his own preparations for the affair. Kate flashes back to Sonny’s proposal to her. Later, Sonny goes to see Kate. Franco is at St. Timothy church with malicious purpose. Jason and Sam decide to marry spontaneously at a Chinese restaurant on Thursday. Jason and Sam awake as a married couple. However, Franco has other goals for the happy couple. True to form, Jason and Sam’s reception is different than what was planned. Sonny invites Kate to be his date to the wedding. Kristina and Molly surprise Alexis with a wedding date, plus more! Robin and Patrick grow closer at Jason and Sam’s wedding.


Both Dante and Lulu have a moment of genuine longing over a wedding dress. Stuck at dinner with Anthony, Tracy is unaware that Luke is watching her from afar. Later, Luke and Skye cross paths again on the Quartermaine jet. Both Elizabeth and Maxie find themselves separately in danger. Spinelli channels his inner Jackal, P.I. for a heroic moment – but a mysterious someone “helps.” Elsewhere, Lucky comes to Elizabeth’s rescue, but his addiction continues to haunt him. Johnny cleans up his father’s mess – and we see a new side to the mob prince. Lucky briefs Mac on the Luzetta drug case – and Siobhan’s murder. Dante worries Lucky will incriminate himself despite Elizabeth’s support.

Maxie is jealous of Matt and Elizabeth’s closeness. Carly and Shawn bump into each other yet again. Kate has a heart-to-heart with Kristina, and Sonny tries to broker a peace with his daughter. Dante gets some much needed advice from Olivia. Kristina credits Ethan for the good news she is delivered. Lulu seeks out Maxie’s help, as Dante goes to Lucky for similar relationship advice. As Johnny makes some mysterious mob plans, Dante and Lucky discuss their next move. With Ethan’s assistance, Lulu puts together a romantic dinner for she and Dante. Lucky tries to pack up Siobhan’s things but once again struggles against his addiction.


Kate presses Sonny’s buttons and calls him out on being his own worst enemy on Monday, September 19th.

Matt treats Elizabeth for her abduction injuries on Tuesday, September 20th.

Lulu asks Ethan to help her disappear for a while on Wednesday, September 21st.

A gloved hand floats through Wyndemere on Thursday, September 22nd.

Someone gets shot when Dante walks in on Johnny in Sonny’s warehouse on Friday, September 23rd.


Dante tries to answer Lulu’s call. Jason and Sam are followed. Sonny and Kate talk about the past. Olivia gets bad news. Sonny and Alexis talk about Kristina’s future. Carly finds herself lying once again. Lucky unearths a package from Siobhan. Ethan stares into the face of evil. Lucky sings to Aiden, but its Elizabeth who is cooing.

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