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OLTL Previews: Week of September 19


Blair has a plan to get the truth from Jack.


Todd is arrested based on Jack’s “eye witness” account. When Todd is placed in his cell next to Irene, his mother admits she is responsible for Louie’s disappearance and the missing gun that will prove his innocence, but she’s willing to return the gun for a favor. When Dani shocks Todd with a visit she meets her grandmother for the first time. At Victor’s grave, Jack admits that he lied to get justice for Victor. Shane appears at Victor’s grave, and subtly rubs Jack’s nose in the irony that he too has lost a parent, and how painful that must be for him. Afterwards, Shane visits Gigi’s grave and tells her that Jack is lying. Starr informs Blair that Jack is responsible for Todd’s arrest and urges her to intervene. John and Bo go over the murder investigation and John reveals that he’s not convinced that Jack’s story rings true. They review the list of suspects, and John zeroes in on Rex. Bo insists Rex is not a killer. John suggests a surprising alternative suspect. Brody is relieved to hear of Todd’s arrest and relaxes with his family. Brody proposes to Natalie, but Natalie’s answer isn’t what he expected. John’s plans to unwind at Rodi’s get jacked up when Roxy intrudes on his peace by quizzing him about his feelings for Natalie. In a fit of frustration and unaware that Natalie is in earshot, John blurts out that he doesn’t love Natalie. Natalie leaves, and Roxy accuses John of lying. John proceeds to consume mass quantities of adult beverages. Meanwhile, Brody and Jessica reminisce about their history, and Brody tells Jessica he proposed to Natalie. Jessica is upset and seeks comfort from Ford. Natalie returns to Brody with an answer to his proposal. The next morning, Bo finds John after an all night drinking binge, and Natalie awakes from a disturbing dream in which she sees Liam’s paternity test with John named as Liam’s father. Natalie goes to find John.

Rex is narrowly averted from finding Kim’s friend in the hospital, but Cutter learns her identity. Cutter discovers the gun missing from Morris and confronts Kim. Kim is using the gun to blackmail Echo into forcing Rex to help support her mysterious friend’s hospital bills. Roxy is frantic when she learns Kim has the gun she believes Rex used to kill Victor. Echo encourages Rex to give Clint’s assets back to him.


James and Starr, and Dani and Nate have a moment. Blair and Tea discuss Jack. Blair tells Starr she has to support Jack. Tea has a box of Victor’s belongings that include the paternity test showing John as Liam’s father. Starr agrees to let Rick produce her single with Baz.


Brody proposes to Natalie and Kim reveals to her “friend” that she has the gun Rex used to kill Victor. on Monday, September 19.

Todd and Irene are face to face in their cells and Shane reveals that Jack is lying on Tuesday, September 20.

Cutter sees the mystery patient. Kim begs him to let her keep the gun so that she can continue to blackmail Rex through Echo on Wednesday, September 21.

Brody receives a visit from Jessica, who has come bearing a medal left behind at Llanfair during the move. The pair reminisces about the medal’s meaning to them both on Thursday, September 22.

The residents of Llanview wake from vivid dreams, revealing their hidden hopes, fears, and suspicions on Friday, September 23.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of September 26.

Natalie and Jessica come to blows, Viki questions Natalie about her feelings for John, Clint defends Rex, Irene puts many lives in danger.

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