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OLTL Previews: Week of September 26


Tina and Cord return to Llanview.


John is about to confess to Natalie that he still loves her when he sees her engagement ring and learns she is planning to marry Brody. Bo finds a distressed Natalie. Natalie tells Rex about her plans to marry Brody, and Rex learns Natalie’s decision was precipitated by John and questions her reasoning. Brody persuades a reluctant Clint that giving his blessing to Brody and Natalie’s plans to marry may heal the rift between Natalie and Jessica. Clint’s love and concern for his daughter’s prompts him to give his blessing. Meanwhile, Jessica goads Natalie into another argument and this time it comes to blows. Brody breaks up their fight and takes Natalie, leaving Jessica stewing in fury. As Jessica explains to Viki and Clint how she sustained her injuries, Natalie tells Brody about the fight and her worries that she may lose her mother. Viki finds Natalie and she confronts Natalie about her feelings for John. Clint tells Jessica that he gave Brody and Natalie his blessing. Jessica discovers a paper that could be very important to Natalie.

Tea agrees to defend Todd when he convinces her he is innocent of killing Victor. Todd tells Starr that Irene has threatened their family and persuades her to break him out of jail. Blair is about to get the truth from Jack before Dani and Tomas interrupt. Tomas accepts responsibility for Todd’s imprisonment all these years. Blair is upset to discover that Todd involved Starr in his escape, but he explains that Irene has threatened their family and he must protect them. Meanwhile, Irene has planted a bomb outside of the house where the family has gathered to hear the reading of Victor’s will. Tina arrives in Llanview and when she learns Victor has left her out of his will, she finds Todd and tries to persuade him to help her fight the will. Tina shows Todd Victor Lord’s ring, and Todd takes it from her and goes to find Irene. As Todd and Irene face-off they hear the sound of an explosion and Irene tells Todd it was the sound of his family dying.


Cord visits Clint and is upset by Rex’s management of Buchanan Enterprises. Tina and Cord have a blowout and then makeup. Rex tells Shane he’s been seeing Gigi.


Tina travels to Llanview with a mysterious man traveling next to her on Monday, September 26.

Todd freaks when he receives Irene’s note, in which she threatens the lives of all he holds dear on Tuesday, September 27.

Clint receives a visit from Cord on Wednesday, September 28.

Shane recalls the night of the murder on Thursday, September 29.

Natalie is worried that she’s going to lose her mother. Viki questions her about her feelings for John on Friday, September 30.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of October 3.

Natalie makes a discovery that could put someone she loves in jeopardy, Jessica considers telling Brody what she learned about Natalie, Tomas and Starr wind up in jail, and Blair and Todd reminisce about their long history.

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