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GH Previews: Week of September 26


The Corinthos and Falconeri clans scramble after Dante is shot.


The week picks up with Dante and Johnny in Sonny’s warehouse. Dante has been shot. Dante tries to answer Lulu’s cell phone call. Michael and Abby meet Carly at the warehouse, only for Michael to discovers Dante. At the wedding, Kate and Sonny discuss their past in familiar surroundings. Later, Kristina asks Kate to hire her at Crimson much to Alexis’s horror. Michael goes into full fledged mob mode, making his first priorty to protect his father’s with Shawn’s assistance. Olivia calls Lulu with news of Dante.

Kate tries to center herself as she once gain gets caught up in Sonny’s drama. Meanwhile, Alexis makes a proposition to Sonny about Kristina’s future. Shawn goes into damage control with the PCPD’s newest cop, Delores Padillo. Lulu tries to talk with Dante. Kate faints at General Hospital but isn’t too delicate to go for Carly’s jugular. Sonny attacks Johnny when he arrives at the hospital. Olivia asks Johnny for the truth about what happened. Shawn outsmarts Delores at the warehouse. Sonny shakes Johnny’s hand – but he certainly doesn’t mean the sentiment behind the gesture.


All the guests delight in their wise fortunes except for Maxie, whose cookie lessons seem to hit too close to home. Jason and Sam head out to their honeymoon but Franco follows them. Olivia surprises Steve with a rooftop picnic at the hospital, but is Steve hiding a piece of his past? A gloved hand looms at Wyndemere. Spinelli tries to come clean to Maxie about his technological amnesia.

Ethan investigates a mysterious light at Wyndemere – but as it turns out, he’s being watched. Lulu makes a decision. Elizabeth looks on lovingly as Lucky sings to Aiden. Later, Lucky comes clean to Elizabeth that his addiction is taking hold again. Lulu attacks her brother when Lucky reveals he was going to go with Dante to the warehouse but then he got high. Luke returns to the Haunted Star. Carly helps Shawn defuse a sticky situation. Ethan follows an open passageway door at Wyndemere but is someone else there?


Jason and Sam dance blissfully at their wedding reception, as Franco dances as well on Monday, September 26th.

Ethan discovers Lucky unconscious on the floor on Tuesday, September 27th.

Alexis and Kate have a heart to heart about Sonny on Wednesday, September 28th.

Ethan comes face to face with Helena on Thursday, September 29th.

Abby discovers a vulnerable Michael in tears and all alone on Friday, September 30th.


Shawn refuses to open up about his past to Carly. Kate comforts Sonny. Tracy gets three surprise visitors. Lulu is upset. Johnny puts Anthony in his place. Maxie honors BJ’s birthday. Lucky opens Siobhan’s letter. Michael won’t give up on Abby. Something is rotten in the state of Hawaii. Carly receives a gift for Josslyn, but who is it from?

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