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OLTL Previews: Week of October 3


Jessica gets the upper hand over Natalie.


Viki tries to get Natalie to admit her true feelings about Brody, while elsewhere, Jessica discovers the original paternity test revealing John is really Liam’s father. Jessica shows up at Natalie’s apartment, and when Natalie is called away on police business, Jessica volunteers to babysit for Liam. Brody returns home and Jessica almost tells him about the paternity test and they share a warm moment. Natalie returns home, and Brody expresses his hope that they can create a happy family. Jessica beats around the bush when she talks with Cord about the paternity test, but her conscience begins to kick in. Later when Jessica brings Ryder to Ford for a visit, she tells Ford about her troubling choice. Jessica admits she’s keeping the secret for selfish reasons.

Bo saves the Mannings and Delgados from the bomb, after which he regretfully arrests Starr for her role in Todd’s escape. Blair begs Tomas to help her get Todd and Starr out of the jam they’ve put themselves in, and Tomas sees how deeply Blair still cares for Todd. Tomas kisses Blair, unsure if it will be their last, and rushes off to the docks to intervene with Todd and Irene. As he arrives, Tomas sees Todd shoot Irene. As Todd and Tomas hear sirens approaching, Tomas tells Todd to run, and when the police arrive, Tomas claims responsibility for shooting Irene. A wounded Todd finds his way to Viki’s cabin, and hallucinates about his mother. John takes Tomas into custody, and at the police station Tomas tells Tea and Blair they must help Todd. Blair finds Todd at the cabin. John returns to the crime scene where Natalie has uncovered evidence that calls Tomas’s account of the events into question. John tries to get Tomas to tell the truth while Todd tells Blair what really happened. Blair tends to Todd and they reminisce about their history together.


Cord and Tina almost kiss, but Clint intrudes on the moment. Tina asks Viki to help her find David Vickers (the dog) and is aggravated that Viki is still angry about what Tina did to Jessica and Natalie. Tina tells Viki that she and Cord almost kissed.


Blair begs Tomas to do something about Todd and Irene. Deep down, Tomas can see that Todd still means something to Blair on Monday, October 3.

Natalie receives a visit from Jessica, who wields Liam’s paternity test result on Tuesday, October 4.

Blair finds Todd in Viki’s cabin in desperate need of medical attention. He refuses to allow her to call a doctor on Wednesday, October 5.

Tina goes to Viki’s and runs into Cord. They get into it and after a series of accusations, they get to a near-kiss on Thursday, October 6.

Jack visits a jailed Starr and gloats to his captive audience how he is using the Sun to paint Todd a killer. Starr floors Jack with news about Todd’s condition and blames him on Friday, October 7.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of October 10.

Kim’s friend in the hospital is revealed to the audience, Clint questions Viki about dating again, Shane remembers the night of Victor’s murder, Jessica runs into Liam’s father.

GH Previews: Week of October 3

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