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GH Previews: Week of October 3


With one son in the hospital, Sonny quashes the other’s dreams of getting involved in the business.


Sexual tension rises in the panic room as Carly needles Shawn, who continues to refuse to open up about his past. Michael sees Carly and Shawn emerge from the panic room all hot and sweaty. Sonny breaks down about Dante’s shooting as Kate tries to comfort him. Sonny and Olivia go to visit Dante in his hospital room, leaving Kate as an outsider. Lulu also goes to see Dante. Afterwards, Lulu returns home and she takes a drink. Is a problem starting to brew? Michael and Abby argue over his inherent desire to protect his father at all costs. Later, Michael tells Max that he is in charge of what happens next with the warehouse. Delores questions Dante about what went down at the warehouse. Lulu visits Dante with Olivia’s urging.

Sonny quashes any possibility of Michael getting involved with illegal activities. Angry at being cut out, Michael gives Sonny some important news. Pissed, Carly makes no effort to hide information from Sonny and Michael, to Shawn’s chagrin. Sonny makes a decision. A distraught Lulu asks Olivia if she regrets Dante becoming a police officer. Later, Lulu has a secret and breaks down alone. Johnny once again puts Anthony in his place. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Delores question Abby about Michael and the warehouse. Later, Abby tips off Johnny. Delores arrives to question Lulu but ends up giving up some answers instead. Michael refuses to give up on the drugs in the warehouse despite Abby’s pleas. Lulu remains deeply conflicted by what the future could hold when Dante maintains that being a cop is apart of who he is. Michael overhears Carly and Shawn talking about the panic room – and takes off determined to handle the drugs himself.


Jason and Sam are happily enjoying their honeymoon in Hawaii while the drama unfolds in Port Charles. Matt reveals his news about the research paper. Much to his chagrin, Matt soon learns Patrick has once again jumped him in surgery rotation. Maxie plans Robin’s impending birthday party – hopefully Maxie’s bad luck doesn’t continue and there are no fires at this one! Spinelli continues to be technologically impotent. Ethan checks in on his brother and brings him the ripped portrait of Laura. Elsewhere, Luke prepares gifts for each Spencer family member – is he repentant? Ethan comes face to face with Luke. Lucky opens Siobhan’s letter and begins to read it.

With both Spinelli and Matt’s help, Maxie commemorates BJ’s birthday. Later, Spinelli witnesses Elizabeth and Matt’s growing closeness. Jason and Sam turn up the romance in Hawaii. A shadow falls across Jason & Sam’s beach hut – is it Franco? Carly receives a surprise gift for baby Josslyn. Siobhan’s letter deeply affects Lucky. Ethan refuses to fall for Luke’s tired antics while Luke goes to see Lucky.


Franco chooses a special wedding gift for Jason and Sam in Hawaii on Monday, October 3rd.

Tracy gets three surprise visitors on Tuesday, October 4th.

Luke tries to spar with Tracy like they used to, but things just aren’t the same on Wednesday, October 5th.

Elizabeth challenges Maxie to put her focus back where it belongs – on Matt on Thursday, October 6th.

Jason and Sam are in danger on their honeymoon in Hawaii on Friday, October 7th.


Steve and Olivia share some pleasure and pain. Luke surprises Lucky. Franco plans his next move. Robin and Patrick celebrate her birthday. Elizabeth breaks down. Flowers for Kate Howard. Kristina gets important news. Matt invites Elizabeth to a party. Lulu admits to her fears.

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