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OLTL Previews: Week of October 10


Who Killed Victor?



Tea interrupts a close moment between Todd and Blair, and tells Blair that she was unsuccessful in getting Tomas or Starr released. Blair goes to Tomas and pleads with him to change his guilty plea. Todd and Tea discuss Jack’s role in Gigi’s death leading them to the realization that somebody else wanted Victor dead as much, if not more, than Todd. Todd worries that Jack may still be in danger. Rex goes to Gigi’s grave to talk to her about the meaning of the note she left, and when Delphina arrives, Rex pleads with her to send him back in time so he can prevent Gigi’s death. Jack muses at Victor’s grave, and Delphina happens upon him, noting his guilty conscience. Blair finds Jack at Victor’s grave and admits that she doesn’t believe his story about Victor’s murder and tries to persuade him to tell the truth. When Blair leaves Jack at Victor’s grave, Shane confronts Jack with the gun he lifted from Echo, demanding that Jack admit he is responsible for Gigi’s death, and that he’s lying about what happened the night of Victor’s murder. Rex overhears Roxy and Echo plotting and forces them to admit they think he killed Victor. Tea pushes Bo to question Rex about Victor’s murder. Aubrey tells Bo about the gun she and Cutter discovered hidden inside of Morris. The gun is discovered to be missing and Rex, Roxy and Echo realize that Shane may have killed Victor. Bo arrives to question Rex and he instinctively protects his son. Bo and Rex find Shane and Jack at the cemetery and Shane tells them his story of the events the night of Victor’s murder. Afterward Rex and Shane discuss how they’ve been protecting one another and promise each other not to keep secrets and to stop chasing ghosts. Meanwhile, the patient in the Kentucky hospital awakens.

Cutter has a plan to regain his lost Buchanan fortunes, and he blackmails Kim into giving him the forged documents she got from Echo. Aubrey tells Rama she and Cutter are through, and that Kim is back in town. Rama is determined to regain the money that Kim stole from her. Rama arranges to meet Cutter at The Spotted Pony and threatens to have him arrested. When Kim arrives at work, she comes face to face with Rama.


Clint and Viki feel their way around in a discussion about their romantic futures. Viki is curious about Kim. Clint asks Viki if she’s ready to date again. Tea wants justice for Victor. Jessica has a chance meeting with Liam’s father.


Echo tells Roxy not to worry because the police think Todd murdered Victor. Kim walks in on them. She tells them she’s turning in the gun, they’re out of time on Monday, October 10.

At the cemetery, Blair admits to Jack that she doesn’t believe the story he told the police. Blair pleads with Jack to consider that his false testimony will deny Victor justice and haunt Jack for the rest of his life on Tuesday, October 11.

Viki wonders if Clint’s disappointed that Kim seems to have vanished again. Clint prods Viki about whether she’s ready to date again on Wednesday, October 12.

Shane tells Bo and Rex his story. Meanwhile, Vimal suggests to Shaun that the police have a suspect in their midst on Thursday, October 13.

Blair wants Bo to press charges against Shane. Tea comes to Bo and says Todd will turn himself in. But they’re going to need something in return on Friday, October 14.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of October 17.

Victor’s killer is revealed.

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