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OLTL Previews: Week of October 24


The truth always comes out . . . eventually.


Rama and Vimal chance to meet at the cemetery and Vimal tells Rama the secret he’s been keeping for Victor and Brody. They go to the police station to tell John, but he’s not there. Michael and a very pregnant Marcie pay John a visit and begin encouraging him to fight for Natalie. John tells them Natalie is engaged to Brody and Marcie brings up Brody’s violent history. John begins to question if Brody’s threat to Victor had something to do with possibly losing Liam. Brody arrives just in time to hear Michael asking John how Victor could possibly take Brody’s son from him. Natalie and Roxy discuss Natalie’s engagement, and Roxy tells Natalie that John still loves her, but before she can explain what John told her, Brody interrupts. Roxy goes to tell John about Natalie’s misunderstanding of what she overheard when they talked about her at Rodi’s. Michael tells John that he should tell Natalie how he feels. Natalie can’t stop thinking about what Roxy said as she and Brody prepare for their engagement party. Brody is struck with pangs of guilt when Natalie brings Liam out dressed in his Halloween costume, a baby seal since his daddy is a Navy seal. Natalie and Brody take Liam to Clint, who makes Brody feel even guiltier. Viki offers to stay home with Clint instead of attending the engagement party.

When Cutter details his plan to get the Buchanan fortune, Rex delivers a beatdown. Aubrey checks up on Rex and they grow closer as she tends his wounds. When Kim’s friend tries to learn about her previous life she’s surprised at what she finds. Cutter is shocked to discover Kim’s friend missing from the hospital, as she shows up on Viki’s doorstep where she’s met by Tina. Cutter tracks Kim’s friend to Llanfair and meets Tina. Cutter finds Kim’s friend and explains some things about her previous life. Rex and Aubrey discuss Shane’s plans for Halloween with him. Aubrey confronts Cutter about his scheme to use Gigi’s memory to scam Rex. Cutter convinces Kim’s friend to attend the masquerade party. Rex and Aubrey both feel the spark that is between them.


Nora drops the charges against Todd but issues a warning. Blair remains upset with Tomas and Tomas questions whether she’s angry because he was willing to go to prison and leave her, or because she still loves Todd. Viki and Clint share a close moment that is interrupted by Todd’s arrival. Tomas and Blair share a passionate kiss, while Todd tells Viki he intends to regain everything he’s lost, including Blair. Starr and Rick clash over the music video. Tina makes a surprising discovery at the party. Jack makes a horrifying discovery at the cemetery.


Clint reveals that he’s been holding a grudge against Rex because he associates him with Mitch Laurence. He also resented Bo and Rex’s relationship. But he’s starting to see the error of his ways on Monday, October 24.

John considers his options upon witnessing Brody and Natalie plan their forthcoming wedding on Tuesday, October 25.

Tomas asks Blair again if she still loves Todd, and they’re interrupted by Jack. Tomas later tells her she doesn’t have to answer but he kisses her passionately before leaving on Wednesday, October 26.

Roxy confronts Natalie about her engagement to Brody. Roxy argues that John still loves Natalie and is on the verge of telling her everything that John said when they are interrupted by a visit from Brody on Thursday, October 27.

Tina shows up in Viki’s old wedding dress as her costume for the party. Viki later suggests that Tina not try so hard. Tina suggests that Viki try harder with Clint on Friday, October 28.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of October 31.

Roxy tells Tina about John’s feelings for Natalie, Blair admits she’s torn between two lovers, and Jessica has important news for Natalie.

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