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GH Previews: Week of October 24


Lisa meets her maker. But who killed her?


As the boat party has gone awry, we see Lisa has insane plans for both Robin and Patrick. Meanwhile, Matt goes in search of Elizabeth. But it is a mystery man that saves Elizabeth. Steve keeps Olivia company, but she soon gets dizzy. Robin and Lisa fight. Lisa is found murdered by way of blunt force trauma. Maxie gets through to Matt, but he tells her it is too late. While Elizabeth lays near lifeless, we see a ghostly illumination. Is Jake watching over her? Spinelli manages to find Elizabeth.

Robin regains consciousness with something on her forehead. Something is just not adding up for Robin. Thanks to Spinelli, Elizabeth gets medical attention from Monica. After Lisa’s passing, Anthony and Johnny talk about the consequences of waking up a coma patient.


Outside of Port Charles, Shawn catches Jason up to speed with the drug frame up at the coffee warehouse as Carly and Sam find middle ground. Carly and Shawn bond over his PTSD. Johnny’s plans differ from Anthony’s. Carly and Shawn return to Port Charles. Jason gets a lead that Franco is in Canada. Carly has a charged moment with Shawn. Kate finishes what she started at Jake’s with Sonny and seals it with a kiss. Carly and Shawn start drinking. Sonny and Kate make lunch plans.

An angry Michael takes out his frustration about Carly and Shawn’s trip on Abby and her stripper friends. Jason and Sam discuss his relationship with Carly. Franco is still stalking Jason and Sam in Hawaii.A mysterious woman is facing Lucky. Lulu confides in Ethan her fears about Dante but will Lulu break off their secret engagement? Tracy is stunned when Luke talks about the future. What starts off as brotherly love at the hospital quickly turns sour when Dante questions Michael about the shooting.


Still honeymooning, Jason and Sam discuss having a baby on Monday, October 24th.

Elizabeth’s life is in severe jeopardy on Tuesday, October 25th.

Carly shares the truth about Jax to Jason and swears him to secrecy even from Sam on Wednesday, October 26th.

The mystery man is inside Wyndemere on Thursday, October 27th.

Lucky arrives in Ireland and is advised to steer clear of the church Siobhan wrote about on Friday, October 28th.


Kate reminisces about her past with Sonny. Kristina questions her future. Diane gives Sonny breaking news about Brenda. Jason and Sam have their last day in Hawaii. Olivia feels lightheaded. Sonny finds temporary peace. At Jake’s, Carly becomes upset with Shawn. Dante and Michael are at odds. Emma’s birthday arrives. Anthony reminds Johnny of his sister.

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