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DAYS Previews: Week of October 17


Jennifer makes a bold declaration about Jack and Daniel; Abigail finds Chad in an awkward moment with Melanie.


Chad tells Sonny something they might have a big problem with their website. Carrie and Austin promise not to let the case come between them. Polling results show Abe slipping after his joint TV appearance with EJ. John goes on a live broadcast making a statement that he is innocent. Jennifer declares that she’s a one-man woman and will not be intimate with either of them while she dates them both. Don’t Miss…Rafe decks Austin on Thursday, October 20!


Monday – Marlena takes drastic measures by confroting Stefano. Jennifer measures the merits of her two suitors. Carrie and Austin vow not to let John’s case come between them. Bo & Hope’s investigation into Alice’s past brings them to Maggie.

Tuesday – A new account puts Sami head-to-head with an old foe; new evidence surfaces in John’s case, possibly making Carrie and Austin’s truce short-lived. Abigal finds Melanie in an awkward moment with Chad. Chad tells Sonny there’s a problem with their website.

Wednesday – John fears Abe’s loyalty will cost him the election. Victor makes a mysterious phone call. Daniel and Jack wonder who will get the first date with Jennifer. Maggie is unsure of how to find the missing eggs.

Thursday – A call from Carrie to Rafe spurs jealousy in Austin. Sami and Austin make an odd arrangement (Sami asks Austin to move in!), Jennifer’s date with Jack has Daniel in the dumps and Abigail on the attack. Roman confronts Rafe about working with Carrie.

Friday – Jack and Jennifer have their first date.

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