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OLTL Previews: Week of October 17


John and Ford grow suspicious of Brody.


Shaun’s tale about his strange encounter with Vimal triggers John’s memory of Brody and Vimal’s confrontation and arouses John’s spidey senses. John confronts Brody and demands his weapon be tested, and Natalie runs the test. John questions Brody about why he threatened Victor and Brody tosses heated accusations at John for harassing him because he is Liam’s father and soon to be Natalie’s husband. When Roxy learns that Natalie and Brody are engaged, she tells Rex that John still loves Natalie. Rex is planning an engagement party for Brody and Natalie, and Aubrey offers to help. Natalie and Tina have a run-in, but Tina wants to make amends by planning Natalie and Brody’s wedding. Jessica continues to keep the paternity test a secret. Brody interrupts Jessica and Ford’s date, and Ford grows suspicious that Brody may already know that he isn’t really Liam’s father. Brody cautions Vimal to keep his mouth shut . . . or else.

Kim is set up to take the fall for Cutter and Rama, and she begs Cutter to take care of her friend in the hospital while she is away. Cutter arrives at the hospital in time to hear the doctor ask the patient if she remembers her name. Cutter talks to the patient, who calls him Rex, but is evasive when she questions him. Meanwhile, Roxy tells Rex about the forged documents returning the Buchanan fortune to Clint. Cutter calls Clint to bargain, but Clint tells Cutter to take the documents and shove it. Cutter isn’t dissuaded and quickly develops a new scheme to get his hands on the Buchanan fortune.


Todd agrees to turn himself in and he and Starr have their day in court. Rick is thrilled with all the negative publicity surrounding Starr’s arrest and plans to develop her “bad girl” image. Blair begs Todd to save Tomas from prison, and after another hallucination about Irene, Todd makes a bold move. Mayor Finn fires Bo after they argue over his handling of the Llanview police department. Tina and Cord babysit for Ryder and remember their days of parenting their own children.


At the Spotted Pony, Rama and Cutter set up Kim to take the fall for Mr. Berger’s death years ago on Monday, October 17.

Brody explodes at John, accusing him of hammering at him because Liam is Brody’s son, not John’s, and Natalie is going to be his wife and not John’s. They leave but John isn’t about to let it go on Tuesday, October 18.

Blair finds Jack working late at The Sun. She reminds her son that Shane’s testimony will prove that Jack lied to the police on Wednesday, October 19.

Blair questions Tomas about his reasons for pleading guilty to a crime he didn’t commit. Anguished Blair asks if she means anything to him, and he makes a confession to her on Thursday, October 20.

Todd is confronted by another vision of Irene which prompts him to take drastic action on Friday, October 21.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of October 24.

Michael and Marcie return to Llanview, the mystery woman in the hospital in Kentucky makes her way to Llanview, Tina makes a discovery that could change someone’s life.

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