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OLTL Previews: Week of November 14


Natalie and Brody’s wedding begins and John learns he’s Liam’s father.


Natalie and Brody’s wedding begins, but when the minister says “speak now or forever hold your peace” Roxy pipes up. After shushing Roxy, the wedding continues but doesn’t get very far before Tina interrupts with the recently found paternity results, and Natalie is forced to accept that everything Jessica told her is true. Meanwhile, Jessica is trying to reach John to tell him the truth, but she can’t get through to him because he’s turned off his phone while he says a tender goodbye to Liam. John reflects on the happy times with Liam and Natalie. When Natalie recovers from the shock, she knows what she must do and John finally learns that Liam is his son. Natalie and John make a frightening discover as Brody reacts in desperation. Natalie’s family unites in support in her time of need.

Cutter finds Stacy at the airport preparing to leave for Brazil to reverse her plastic surgery. Stacy’s heartfelt dismay over what her appearance may do to Rex and Shane softens Cutter’s heart and he agrees to go with her. Rex and Aubrey take off to Brazil in pursuit. As they make their way to Brazil, Stacy coaxes Cutter into revealing more of his past.


A beloved couple is wed. Tomas and Blair bask in the afterglow and Tomas worries about what will happen to their relationship if he discovers Todd is indeed Victor’s murderer. Jessica is grateful for Ford’s support and realizes her feeling for him run much deeper than she believed. Ford and Jessica make love. Tea tells Tomas that she is pregnant.


John goes to the nursery to say goodbye to Liam, remembers happy times with him and Natalie. Nigel catches him on Monday, November 14.

John learns that Liam is his son. Brody takes drastic action to secure the future of his family on Tuesday, November 15.

Blair catches Tomas giving Calmar an update on his investigation into Victor’s murder on Wednesday, November 16.

Rex confesses to Aubrey that he saw Cutter board a plane to Brazil with the woman he was trying to pass off as Gigi. Aubrey worries that Rex has fallen prey to another one of Cutter’s schemes on Thursday, November 17.

Tomas walks into a darkened warehouse expecting Calmar, but is shocked to find someone else on Friday, November 18.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of November 21.

Tea tells Blair of her pregnancy. Bo and Nora have Thanksgiving by Matthew’s bedside. Todd takes drastic action to get back what he’s lost and someone dies.

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