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OLTL Previews: Week of November 28


Tomas is missing and is suspected of Victor’s murder.


A panicked Blair interrupts John and Natalie’s discussion about what their future holds to plead for John’s help in locating a missing Tomas. Natalie grows suspicious when she hears Todd tell Viki that Blair has chosen to be with Tomas instead of him. John searches Tea’s house and finds a gun in Tomas’s room that could potentially be the murder weapon. While John and Tea take the gun to Natalie at the station for testing, Todd is with Blair feigning support in her hour of distress over Tomas’s disappearance. Blair calls Tea who informs her that the murder weapon may have been found, and Blair goes to the police station. Viki tries to delve into Todd’s feelings about Victor’s murder but John calls and requests that Todd come in for questioning. During John’s questioning in the presence of Tea and Blair, Todd cleverly attempts to throw suspicion onto Tomas, without being obvious to Blair. Afterward, Todd takes Blair home and the pair grow closer. Roxy spills the beans about John’s feelings for Natalie and Natalie has a surprising reaction and goes to John and cancels the talk about their future. Meanwhile, John’s attention is split between investigating Victor’s murder and the arson at the Sun. John questions Brody at St. Anne’s, and Brody admits to locking Vimal and Rama in Todd’s office, but claims he didn’t start the fire. As John leaves, he runs into Natalie who has come to visit Brody. Todd mentions the fire to Jack and is unnerved by Jack’s reaction. Later, Todd is waiting to see John when Tracy, his assistant, arrives to speak with John. Tracy mentions something about the fire that further alarms Todd. John informs Tea, Todd and Blair that Tomas’s alibi for Victor’s murder has been found.

Shane tells Natalie that he is determined to get justice for his mother. Shane meets Neela, and learns she is involved with Jack. Shane tells Neela that Jack is responsible for killing his mother. Neela is reminded that Jack is capable of doing bad things, and that he expressed regret over hurting someone before.


Rick suffers a mishap that lands him in the hospital and threatens to sue Starr for negligence unless she agrees to his terms. Both Rex and Stacy, separately, are startled from their sleep by nightmares. Cutter comforts Stacy and they share a close moment. Aubrey plants a kiss on Rex which she later admits was a mistake. Rex and Aubrey head to Dr. Fascinella’s office to see if they can learn more about Stacy, while Stacy and Cutter get a call that Dr. Fascinella can see them. Brody tells Natalie he loves her, but he wishes her a happy life with John.


Viki presses Todd on what is upsetting him. Todd covers, says that Blair chose Tomas over him on Monday, November 28.

Starr, James, Nate and Danielle got to see Rick, who’s in traction after a mishap when he tripped on one of Hope’s toys on Tuesday, November 29.

Roxy comes in on Clint and Natalie sharing a hug and some good news, assumes John finally told Natalie how he feels about her on Wednesday, November 30.

Vimal and Rama are called to the police station. Vimal’s terrified that there will be reprisal for having kept Liam’s paternity a secret from John on Thursday, December 1

Dani goes to Jack to find out what he knows about Tomas. Jack, for the first time, has a trace of doubt about Todd being the killer on Friday, December 2.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of December 5.

Calmar is questioned about Victor’s murder, Shane has a plan to get justice for Gigi, Roxy receives devastating news, Viki and Clint kiss and Clint is surprised to learn Viki plans to leave town.

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