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GH Previews: Week of November 28


Robin remembers the past. But should she be worried about the future?


Patrick and Robin make love, but neither one can stop thinking about Lisa’s murder. Maxie and Matt also get close in bed together. They discuss recent events surrounding Lisa’s murder, but is one of them guilty of foul play? Robin is reduced to tears on the bridge as she honors Stone’s memory on the anniversary of his death. Patrick begins to cover-up evidence. Is he headed down a slippery slope? Later, Mac discovers a distraught Robin, and they talk about Stone and Lisa. Meanwhile, Patrick and Maggie meet each other when Emma is brought in to the hospital.

Mac asks Alexis to represent both Robin and Maxie should they need legal help for murder. Dante has evidence supporting that the suspect pool may be larger than those on the boat, much to Ronnie’s chagrin. We realize Robin has lab test results for herself – but what is her condition? Upset about the bad press from Lisa’s murder, Monica asks Robin an important question, which to her surprise, Robin agrees. Will Robin tell Patrick what is going on?


Concerned about Jason’s emotional behavior, Sam tries to calm Jason down. Lulu voices her concerns about Dante’s career to her fiancée. Carly spies Shawn lurking around her house. Franco has left a DVD gift on Carly’s doorstep. Steve has multiple dinner offers. Lucky meets Maggie. A hungover Lulu takes a cab to GH and gets Olivia and Steve’s help with Dante. Jason and Sam stargaze but are disconnected. Steve and Olivia have an important discussion. Disturbed by the violence at his strip club, Johnny questions Abby about other dancers and the progress of the PCPD’s investigation. Sam discovers one of Franco’s graffiti samples and tries to decipher it with Jason.

Carly asks Shawn an important question. Delores shows up to question Johnny but of course Anthony interrupts the line of questioning. Spinelli puts his social networking skills to work. Alexis and Ethan seek Molly at Wyndemere. Maggie spills the news to Elizabeth that Luke brought Aiden into the hospital. Elizabeth unravels with Lucky. Lulu is unnerved when she discovers Dante and Delores are back in the line of fire. Sonny enters the home he shared with Deke and Adela. Michael agrees to help Tracy and ELQ if she in turn helps Abby.


Sonny and Kate discuss his past in Bensonhurst on Monday, November 28th.

Elizabeth hopes she’ll get her miracle reunion with Lucky on Tuesday, November 29th.

Franco makes graffiti art in Port Charles again on Wednesday, November 30th.

Dante is assigned a new partner on Thursday, December 1st.

Elizabeth slaps Luke on Friday, December 2nd.


Robin and Patrick discuss something very important. Elizabeth is furious with Luke. Dante and Lulu don’t see eye to eye. Jason and Sam vow not to let Franco come between them. Sam breaks down when talking to Michael. Things get heated with Sonny and Kate. Jason loses his temper. Mac rounds up the suspects. Dante makes a discovery.

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